Here Is how to Acquire a Home on the Spanish Coast for €2 and why You Can Trust It

  • With a 2€ ticket, you can enter the draw for the house located on the beachfront.
  • The tickets can only be purchased through the website
  • The raffle is conducted in full transparency and in accordance with the relevant legal regulations.

London, July 2021.

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You can enter the draw of a home on the Spanish coast by buying a ticket from Cloverhut from 2€. It is an easy and simple process that takes place through the website:

What does the Home Look Like?

The house that will belong to one of the participants of the raffle has a terrace overlooking the Esparto-Venezional beach, located in La Manga del Mar Menor. It is a seventh-floor apartment with 82 square meters distributed between the kitchen, the living room, two bedrooms, the bathroom, and a spectacular terrace overlooking the beach where you will be able to enjoy pleasant meals.

The house has all the required amenities. It is ready for you to move in and enjoy the charms of the area. In addition, it has a garage, an elevator, a private pool and is fully furnished so it does not require you to incur any costs.

What is Cloverhut?

Here Is how to Acquire a Home on the Spanish Coast for €2 and why You Can Trust It

Cloverhut is dedicated to raffling off homes, always located on the Spanish coast. The tickets are sold exclusively through its website Furthermore, its birth is backed by the success of its Spanish sister company, Sesortea, which carried out the raffle of a house located in Almeria on 25 March 2021.

At the moment, they are expanding to the European market with the draw of a beachfront home. This way, anyone can own a home on the Spanish coast and enjoy a better quality of life. This implies enjoying the good weather on the Spanish coast and living in a country with a moderate cost of living.

Why Participate in the Draw for a Home on the Spanish Coast?

Here Is how to Acquire a Home on the Spanish Coast for €2 and why You Can Trust It

Generally, there are hundreds of reasons to participate in the draw of a property. If it is a property located on the Spanish coast, the reasons increase. Here are some of them:

1. Probability: the buyer of a Cloverclub ticket has 80% more chances of winning than the one who buys a number for the EuroMillions.

2. Homeownership: owning a home opens up a range of options for the winner. Among them are the chance to enjoy a beautiful home in a warm country, increase their net worth, or even sell it if they wish to do so.

3. Location: if anything characterizes the Spanish coast, it is the sun, its beaches, and the social environment that allow both to enjoy a vacation and to live permanently with a better quality of life.

You can join Cloverclub to get even more advantages. What is CloverClub?

Cloverclub is Cloverhut’s exclusive VIP club. It is designed to benefit those who, convinced of the high probability of winning the house, are looking for access to exclusive numbers, the possibility to receive exclusive discounts, and to participate in the draw of additional attractive prizes.

Joining Cloverclub offers you the possibility to make a monthly purchase of tickets with a 15% discount. You decide the number of tickets you want to purchase each month and forget about the paperwork, Cloverhut handles it for you.

Other benefits at no extra cost:

  • Enter the raffle of a trip to Mallorca, Balearic Islands, for two people for three nights. Hotel fees and airfare are included in the travel package.
  • Enter in the weekly draw of €1.000 in cash. Every week, there will be a new winner among all Cloverclub members, regardless of the date they joined.
  • As a gift from them to you, you will receive credit on your birthday to buy the raffle tickets of your choice.

Joining Cloverclub is extremely simple. You can register using your Google, Facebook, or Twitter account. If you prefer, you can also sign up with your email address. Then select your number pack and subscribe to the club that gives you the best advantages!

Why Can You Trust? Cloverhut Is Legal and Transparent

Here Is how to Acquire a Home on the Spanish Coast for €2 and why You Can Trust It

Cloverhut is an online company based in the United Kingdom that organizes home competitions. They are born with two very specific promises: to be transparent with each one who takes part in our raffles and to follow to the letter the laws that govern these types of draws. Both pillars go hand in hand and could not coexist separately.

Cloverhut’s launch is recent, but this statement follows in the wake of its Spanish sister company, Sesortea, whose principles are the same. Sesortea already has experience in the raffle of houses, always on the Spanish coast, complying with the relevant legal regulations, and acting with total transparency towards participants, shareholders, and the authorities.

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