Hidden gems of the Blue City

Whenever someone travels to a new city, he/she makes sure to explore all the famous tourist attractions of that particular city to know about its culture, people, traditions, best cuisines to try, places to shop and endless things but in my opinion, a person is missing out a lot of interesting things if he/she do not visit the hidden gems and places that are less explored because those places are quite different and make sure to offer travellers extraordinary experiences that they can share with their friends and family. 

If you have been to Jodhpur or are planning your upcoming trip to Jodhpur, this blog is perfect for you because I have listed some unusual yet cool places to visit and exciting things to do in Jodhpur that you cannot afford to miss during your vacation. These hidden attractions will let you know the local secrets of Jodhpur and make your travelling more delightful. 

1.  Tripolia Bazar 

You can’t say goodbye to this beautiful heritage city without enjoying shopping. Tripolia Bazaar offers a plethora of cool products such as metal furniture, wooden handicraft, antiques, silver jewellery and much more that fascinates all the tourists. This place is really interesting to visit where you can buy products at reasonable prices in Jodhpur. So, when in Jodhpur, carry your bag and go on a shopping spree. 

2. Fun and Food Restaurant

Most people like to visit five-star restaurants during their vacation to have a fancy meal but a true foodie should visit this local restaurant in Jodhpur to get the real taste and flavours of the city. This restaurant has some mouthwatering Rajasthani dishes like Laal Maas, Dal Bati Churma, sweets etc. You should treat your loved ones here because this hidden gem has a lot of local delicacies to offer that you must try. 

3. Aerial Adventures

Travelling gets much better if you have some adventure as well. Do you want to enjoy  Jodhpur from a different perspective? If yes, head to Aerial adventures and get an amazing opportunity to indulge in sports like parasailing, para moto ride and paragliding too. If you are vacationing in Jodhpur with your buddies, you should come and take part in these activities and create some fun memories with them to cherish forever. 

4. Enjoy the Cycling Tour of Blue City

Exploring Jodhpur by cycle instead of taking a bus or car let you experience the city on a closer level as you pass through the local streets and markets, enjoy yummy food at local restaurants and even interact with other people. You can manage your time and also discover not so touristy places in Jodhpur to know the city life better. 

Take a short break from your boring life, book a flight, pack your bags and visit these hidden places in Jodhpur for a great travel experience with your dear ones. 

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