Hot 25 Startups 2020: AirGateway


Service: Airline distribution.

Location: Germany.

CEO: Jorge Diaz.

As IATA NDC transforms the air distribution industry, AirGateway is enabling travel agents to seamlessly adopt the NDC standard while saving development time and costs.

It offers an agent desktop front-end solution for booking NDC content with an impressive portfolio of NDC-enabled airlines, such as British Airways, Lufthansa, American Airlines and Emirates.

Goals for 2020

“Our plans are to solve the GDS-to-NDC transition for small/medium independent travel management companies, mostly in the European market where the GDS surcharge is putting more pressure on the corporate travel spectrum.

“This transition means to enable them with most of their relevant FSC NDC content (meaning airlines) while keeping in place the proper backend processes of corporate travel, which are traveler profiles and mid and backoffice reporting.

“For this purpose we are partnering with Umbrella (most relevant traveler profiles provider in Europe) and multiple mid-back office providers, such as Midoco.

“We think that data interoperability between us and third-party platforms will be key for this ‘multi-source’ airline distribution age. And GDSs will have a hard time to rebuild all their content sourcing plus processes around them.”

  • Founded: 2016.
  • Team size: 10.
  • Funds raised: €600,000.
  • Website: AirGateway

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