Hot 25 Startups 2020: Coast Autonomous

Coast Autonomous

Service: Autonomous vehicles.

Location: U.S.

CEO: David Hickey.

Coast Autonomous is bringing low-speed driverless shuttle vehicles to different campuses, cities and airports around the world.

The shuttles leverage a combination of robotic software to control the vehicle and AI to determine vehicle behavior and decision-making.

More than 60 trials in seven different countries have resulted in the safe transportation of 120,000 passengers.

Goals for 2020

“Coast Autonomous is focused on delivering first and last mile mobility solutions, for goods and people, that improve urban and campus enviornments.

“In 2020, we plan to roll out service in Florida on a large university campus, retirement community and resort property. Coast Autonomous will also deploy vehicles in Texas at a railyard and on an industrial site.”

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