Hot 25 Startups 2020: Hotailors


Service: Business travel.

Location: Poland.

CEO: Filip Bloch.

About 90% of business travel bookings are conducted manually from email and phone requests, which can be incredibly tedious and potentially error-ridden.

Hotailors automates the booking process in corporate travel and can handle a request within five minutes.

Its AI-powered travel platform has access to accommodation providers and airlines worldwide.

Goals for 2020

“Throughout 2020, Hotailors aims to continue its growth in the travel tech space by helping large enterprises better manage travel for their extended workforces. What is the extended workforce? Well, it’s anyone who travels on behalf of a company, but who isn’t a full-time employee — think contractors, vendors, freelancers, etc. 

“We saw significant interest in this niche in 2019, with global companies like Vodafone and Google joining Hotailors as clients to better manage this workforce segment. On the back of this interest, we’re doubling down with integrations into marketing leading solutions for the extended workforce. 

“As a travel company, corporate travel is an exciting segment to be a part of. With growth expected across corporate travel, and extended workforces, globally in the coming years — we feel we’re in the right position to leverage this market and scale accordingly!”

  • Founded: 2016.
  • Team size: 44.
  • Funds raised: $2.5 million.
  • Website: Hotailors.

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