Hot 25 Startups 2020: Jet-set Offset

Jet-set Offset

Location: U.S.

Co-founders: Anna Ford and Ian Campbell.

There’s a growing trend in travel towards sustainability, with the air transportation sector seen as one of the largest contributors of carbon emissions.

With Jet-set Offset, eco-conscious air travelers can offset the carbon emissions from flying by automatically donating one cent per mile to environmental organizations that are working to reduce carbon emissions.

Goals for 2020

“Our maybe most exciting, strategic goal is to launch a flight search and booking tool on Jet-set Offset. Our green flight booking tool will allow travelers to compare flights based on their CO2 emissions.

“There is often as much as a 20% variation in carbon emissions among the airlines and aircraft servicing two city pairs. We hope to raise awareness of this fact, and inform travelers so that they can make smart flight booking choices.

“Our green booking tool will be beta-launched by the end of the year, and we’ll plan a full launch in 2020!”

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