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Hey welcome back! Hope you all are well and safe. 

Well how is your time in lockdown going on? How you spend your lockdown days? I know for someone who is becoming more productive this lockdown is indeed a great opportunity and i agree with it too that it’s the best time to be more productive.

Some are learning new languages while some are learning how to cook better food, Some are doing work from home while some are searching for some creative things to do during lockdown. 

I’ve also made a post about things to do at home in lockdown. Check it out and you’ll come up with great ideas to spend time in lockdown.

Well I have also come up with a new day-plan during this period and you can inspire yourself too for the question how to spend time at home during lockdown?

Okay so let’s get started and jump right into my daily schedule of the lockdown period. 

P.S : I’m covering only significant things that I do in my daily routine

# My morning starts with Cup of Coffee 

If you win the morning you win the day

This quote makes me really motivated and i guess it is the reason behind my daily morning routine that makes my morning amazing. As you know there are many convincing benefits of coffee that’s why it will always be my first choice in the morning.

Moreover, morning time is email time and while having the coffee I go through my mail box and check for new emails some of them are Blog related, some of them are of my online courses and some of them are of my academics. 

# Time for Meditation

Meditation is a path to reach mindfulness, it increases productivity and concentration on work. It really helps while I’m doing some work related to college or my blog. 

I have seen changes in myself before and after my meditation period. You should give it a try too, I think it’ll help you too to focus on your work and whatever you are up to. 

You can check for helpful meditation guide here.

Guess what after it , SHOWER TIME! It’s so refreshing a full body treatment that activates your cells and helps you stay refresh for a great day ahead.

# Food + Work 

I eat protein rich diet in the morning and yes that is best for me and now I’m completely ready for my work. What I do in this work time is just optimize my blog, write blog posts for you and update my Instagram

Furthermore, It’s the best part of my day and I’m upgrading my work level day after day. I enjoy doing this work, I love to stay connected to my readers that’s why it’s my priority to display the consistency on my blog. 

Some people are having hard time in this lockdown and I’m trying to inspire and entertain them through my blog posts. Indeed, I really helping you.

# Home Workout is a must

Gyms are closed but exercises are not, I follow some really cool Influencers out there who are nowadays bringing their series on YouTube and Instagram related to home workouts.

Everybody should stay fit and healthy in this lockdown. Are you doing this too? If not, then you should definitely start doing them now! 

# Learned cooking a little in past few weeks

If you are my consistent reader then you would have known that I’m a foodie and admire it a lot. From the past few weeks I’ve tried to make some new dishes as I have got some time to start new hobby and I think it’s working well.

Some of the cuisines I’ve tried are Chinese and Indian ones. They were amazing literally, I’m not joking. 

I don’t do it on a daily basis but it’s a part of my routine I carry out this once every 2-3 days.

# Movies and Books at bedtime

And currently I’ve been reading a New York’s Best Seller Book named – ‘ Atomic Habits’ by James clear. Most of you may have heard about this book. It is such an amazing book that tells you how habits are born, how to make good habits and eliminate bad ones. 

And this takes me to the end of the night. I’m pretty happy actually that I’m having a productive time in lockdown, If you are still not working on your skills and passion then I must have to say that you are wasting this golden period. 

Work on your interest and make this quarantine time worth it! 

Tell us about the things you’re doing in this lockdown in the comment box below.

See you soon..

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