How to Maintain Your Hair During Travel

How to Maintain Your Hair During Travel

While traveling, you are most likely to spend as much time as possible exploring, relaxing, and having fun rather than engaging in your hair care routine. However, to avoid the harsh consequences of increased sun exposure, salt or pool water, air conditioning, etc., it is essential that you stick to some basic rules.

If you have already planned your next trip, make sure to plan your hair care for this period of time as well. Below, you will find 5 tips that will help minimize damage to your hair during travel, ranging from sun protection, moisturizing your hair before and after the flight, and protecting your hair from seawater and chlorine to keeping yourself hydrated and avoiding heat styling, among other things. Read on and keep your hair fabulous.

Protect Your Hair from Sun Damage and Heat

The most important thing to do when traveling is to protect your hair from sun exposure. The sun’s rays are more intense when you are traveling in hot countries, so you might want to invest in a hat with a wide brim, which will protect your face, head, neck, and ears.

You could also spray some sunscreen on your hair. While this method does not protect against UVA/UVB rays completely, it will still provide some sun protection. Apply sunscreen to your hair, focusing on the ends of your hair, before traveling to the beach or pool. If you are planning to spend more than 30 minutes in the sun, consider wearing a wide-brimmed hat, long pants (or a long dress), and long sleeves to protect yourself from sun damage.

For Men: Stick to Your Beard Routine

If you have a beard, don’t forget to take care of it during your holiday. Make sure to take your daily care products with you, find a good barber in your destination, or even trim your beard yourself. However, ensure to use the best tools possible so that your beard can look fantastic even without a professional touch – read about barber tools and figure out what exactly you need. 

Protect Your Hair from the Pool or Ocean

If you plan on spending time swimming or at the beach, it is important that you take adequate measures to protect your hair from the pool or ocean. Before entering the pool, apply a leave-in conditioner and use a salt-water-proof sunscreen on your hair if necessary. Consider using a swimming cap while swimming because it will help minimize damage to your hair.

After swimming or exposing your hair to seawater, rinse it thoroughly with fresh water and apply a hydrating conditioner or deep conditioner to keep frizziness and tangles at bay while restoring moisture to the hair shaft. You might also want to consider using argan oil for added benefits. In addition, it is best to avoid using heat tools such as blow dryers and straighteners for at least a few days after returning from your trip because they will dehydrate your hair even more.

Moisturize Hair with Natural Oils

If you are flying somewhere, there is a good chance that you will be exposed to air conditioning and dry air during the flight. To keep your hair hydrated during this period, consider applying some proper oil on your ends and scalp for a few hours before the flight. It is also wise to store a small bottle of coconut oil or olive oil in your carry-on bag for on-the-go application during the flight.

After the flight or after spending some time exposed to the air conditioning, moisturize your hair with natural oils again. You might even want to apply a leave-in conditioner after rinsing your hair if you are experiencing extreme dryness. Avoid excessive heat styling during this period to prevent much damage.

Drink Plenty of Fluids to Avoid Dryness

It is very important that you stay hydrated when you are spending time outside in the heat or during air travel. Remember that dehydration can lead to dry skin and hair that is more prone to breakage and breakouts. 

If possible, bring a water bottle with you wherever you go and sip water throughout the day. In addition, eating foods that contain a lot of electrolytes (such as coconut water or watermelon) will help replenish lost nutrients and minerals from sweating and dehydration.

Final Thoughts

If you are planning a trip, it is important that you plan your hair care routine around it. This way, you can minimize damage to your hair and keep it looking healthy.

If you are experiencing extreme dryness or frizziness after returning from your trip, consider using a deep conditioner for an hour or two before shampooing again. In addition, avoid using heat styling tools such as blow dryers and straighteners for a few days, apply a leave-in conditioner while your hair is damp, drink plenty of water, eat food that contains electrolytes, and moisturize your hair with natural oils. 

We hope that you enjoy your vacation – and have fun!

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