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  1. Decide where to go?
  2. Start a in-depth research of the destination 
  3. Plan the duration of your trip
  4. Make a list of activities & things to do 
  5. Book your tickets and accommodation
  6. Pack your bag strategically 

1. Decide where to go?

First and foremost thing we all do is deciding our destination where to go and for that we get inspiration from someone’s story who have been there, from blogs, from YouTube videos or the destination just been there in our mind for a very long time. 

But there are certain things you should take care of while picking the destination for your trip. 

Things you should take care of while deciding where to go

  • Go for the destinations according to the season If it’s summer time choose summer holiday destinations like beaches, or island countries. If it’s winter go for some Hilly areas to witness snow. 
  • Look out whether the destination is safe for you as it is a concern for a lot of solo travelers, so only pick out the best solo travel destinations.
  • If you are planning a budget travel trip, make sure to choose only budget friendly destinations for yourself or choose places in season when you can find discounts rather than choosing it in a busy season where you’ll find the price gone way up high.

That’s it see how simple the first step is just choose one destination, with a crystal clear mind.

2. Start a in-depth research of the destination

in-depth research of trip

After you have done choosing the destination, it’s time to do some research on the destination. What will be the benefit of finding a destination if you haven’t figured out anything special about that place. 

Just google that destination and you’ll find different articles for it. Take some inspiration and find out what’s the significance of that place. This will make you more curious 🙂

Things you should take care of while doing research of a destination

  • While doing research of a place find as much relevant information as you can, I find out how much time it’ll take me to reach there and how can I reach there? 
  • Find out what’s the culture of the place so that you won’t get into any trouble later, because if you don’t know the culture and customs of the place you’ll definitely end up displeasing locals.
  • Get an idea about how much time it’ll take to explore most of the place.

Tick off the second box to when you’ve done research for that destination.

3. Plan the duration of the trip 

plan the duration

Next is planning the duration of your trip. So as I’ve told you to do research about the destination you have gone through the details that’ll give you an idea about how much optimum time you should spend there keeping the relatable things into mind.

It depends on person to person some things that it is good to take things slow so that they can get into each and every single thing while some are fast moving people, so the duration relies on your nature. 

Things you should take care of while planning the duration

  • Make sure to choose a time duration in which you can enjoy the most of the destination without having a shortage of time.
  • Moreover, do not choose as much long time that’ll make you feel bored there, resulting in having a bad experience. 

So are you done planning the duration of your trip? Let’s tick it off

4. Make a list of activities and things to do 

things to do

So as you’ve decided the duration, now plan your day activities so that it fits into your schedule. If you know what to do in your travel days then you will not miss anything that the place is well-known for.

Take out your diary and note down all of the things to do there an plan out your day according to that. 

Things you should take care of while making a list of day activities

  • Plan at most 2-3 things to do per day because if you plan more and more things for single day then you’ll end up destroying your vacations. Scatter down your activities according to your days. So If you are on a one week trip then you can do 21 things at max by this method, that’s a pretty good number.
  • Make sure to give priority to activities the place is famous for after that write down the cliche’ activities.
  • Some activities are closed due to some reasons so make sure you’ve done all research about that according to our Step number 2.

Time to tick off your 4th list item!

5. Book your tickets and accommodation

ticket and accommodation booking

Prior booking of your bus, train or flight tickets will be good for you as the tickets are subject to availability and if you do bookings at the time of your trip chances are you might not be able to get one. Also the tickets are cheaper months before the booking date, you can check the stats for flight tickets at momondo.

Also accommodation may be expensive if you are travelling in peak season so get a report of that. So always book in advance to cut the unwanted expenses.

Things you should take care of while booking tickets and accommodation 

  • Book your flight tickets privately by going into the Incognito Tab – it is a well know hack for booking cheap airline tickets. If you check the prices of flight consistently for your trip in a random tab then the prices gets more and more expensive, so it’s better to search for it privately.
  • Track the price of  tickets with the help of websites like momondo, skyscanner.
Get more info on booking cheap flight here.

We’re so close to ticking off all the items 🙂

6. Pack your bags strategically

packing bags

At last what we have to do is pack our bags and just go! 

But wait are you packing your bag the right way? Oh yes there’s a great way of packing a bag too, you cannot ignore that. First of all, it is advisable to keep your clothes according to the weather of the place. Second, pack all the most essential items in your bag like toothbrush, Charger, Documents, etc. 

And if there’s some space remaining then you can add some things that are not too important but can be helpful in some situations for example A book can help you when you are on your way to the destination to keep you fresh and inspired, like these we all have different choices for ourselves choose what are the things that you would like to keep if there’s a vacant space in your bag.

Things you should take care of while packing a bag

  • Always pack rolled clothes as they’ll save a lot of space in your bag and you can have space for your other essential items.
  • You may not know but you can have skin disease if the environment doesn’t suit you, so a sunscreen and cream can help you.
  • Try to make your bag as light as possible because sooner or later you’ll get tired of carrying heavy bags.

Hurray! We’ve ticked off all the steps 

If you follow these above mentioned steps to plan a trip, I’m sure you’ll end up having a beautiful and memorable travel journey.

So guys this was all for our How to plan a trip in 6 easy steps.

Hope you find this article helpful, Let us know how you plan your trip?

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