How to Shoot Travel Videos – Top 5 Tips for Video Bloggers

Traveling is a great way to relax, get positive emotions, and become a little happier. In order to capture the best moments for a long time and share them with your friends, you can take interesting photos and videos. There is nothing better than returning to the happy moments that you have experienced while seeing new places or being in different countries. This is especially true in this COVID time when we are locked and do not have an opportunity to travel like before. 

You can even create a blog and share your travel experience and tips with others. People like this type of content and find it inspiring or even motivational, so keep up with the trend. And if social networks are overcrowded with photos, only a few people publish videos. This is because not everyone knows which camera to shoot with, how to draw attention to their travel movies, and how to make a travel video look professional and appealing. In the travel video gear, we will look into how to produce travel content like a pro and make people watch your videos through-and-through.

#1 – Decide on the Format and Pick the Idea

You should start by deciding what you want to tell your future audience. A successful channel theme should meet three rules: it’s interesting for you, you know it well, it’s interesting for others. Tell people about how to decide on a travel route or share your own life hacks in choosing the best hotel/hostel in a particular city or region. You can even make a list of the top 10 places to visit and review each of them so that your audience knows whether a specific place meets their travel expectations. And, of course, you should think in advance about whether a topic you have chosen will be of interest to your target audience. Without great video ideas, you can shoot videos that people will not watch at all.

#2 – Be Close to Your Audience

It is important to interact with viewers while shooting a video. If your video is not interesting for people, they can stop watching it after the first minute. Change the shooting location and do not place the camera on a fixed tripod. Movement is important for attracting viewers, so make sure that the content you produce is vivid.

Another method to get people interested is to put an interesting picture in the intro part of the video. It should be the brightest shot that captures your emotions and the surrounding atmosphere. When you shoot a video about your trip, make sure that you share not only some information but also your emotions.

#3 – Prepare a Script and Decide on Duration of Videos

Professional bloggers prepare a script even for two-minute videos and follow the time-proven tips for creating the perfect video. Some describe the plan in seconds: which frames and in what sequence should appear. This is also a good way to decide on the time when you will appear on the screen, what you will do, and what you will say.  Such a thoughtful approach is also useful if you want to create an interesting channel with high-quality content. Following these travel video tips can make your life easier:

  • Imagine what you are going to film. If this is your first time there, then do research and collect interesting information first to get ready for the X shooting day.
  • Find places that are far from being well-known trails; create unique content and do not show tourist spots that many other travel bloggers have been talking about.
  • Decide on what you want to film – for example, food, people at work, religious festivals, etc.

As for video duration, there is no universal rule that works in 100% of cases. Previously, it was believed that the ideal video length was 3 minutes, but now many bloggers shoot videos that last 10-15 minutes on average. So it is up to you to decide on video duration and script to follow. Feel free to stick to the top 10 tips if you still have no clue of what to do with your travel content plan.

#4 – Pick the Right Equipment

Professionals use a variety of cameras and the best video equipment for travel vlogging. However, the beginner can be satisfied with a piece of equipment that one has at hand. If the idea of the video is interesting, people will watch it even if you shoot it with your smartphone. However, if you want to create professional content and become a blogger, then you should consider buying a camera. In this case, don’t overpay for unnecessary features and pay attention to the sound apart from the quality of the video. If your audience cannot hear you well, then the video will not be interesting to watch. Quality audio will give your videos an edge. So it should not be neglected in any case.

#5 – Use Professional Video Editing Software

To make an interesting travel movie, you need a computer, free video editing software, and patience, in addition to a camera and a couple of great shots. The ability to press the REC button alone is not enough to make the cool footage. You should be able to make a full-fledged travel video from a bulk of interesting fragments. This is where the best HD video editors come in handy. With the help of a special program, you will be able to remove unnecessary background sound, polish the video picture, connect a couple of shots in a single movie, and perform simple video editing. 

Create Videos That Inspire

In 2021, when fewer people can travel, and the tourist itinerary looks so restricted, travel videos are becoming more and more popular and widely loved. So if you are planning your trip and are going to capture a couple of shots, consider making a travel movie from them. Share your emotions and experiences with others – it will pay you off well! And the above recommendations can help you cope with the task easily and effectively.

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