How to Travel Better in 2021: Plan a Workation

Make the most of the year of the remote office and work in cabins overlooking snowy Himalayas, Coorg’s coffee plantations, or thunderwaring waterfalls in Kerala.


Take your pick of
desk view through
the novel experience
of curated Indian
workations, and you
can get silver snow
and blazing sunsets
like in Glampeco
in Manali. Photos Courtesy: OpusTrail

Enter, Curated Workations


Cottages overlooking the Panchachuli range of the Himalayas, wooden cabins along Tarkarli beach, and a cosy haunt at the foothills of the Nilgiris—youwon’t miss a good view while remote-working from a host of contemporary Indian stays. Take for instance the stays accessible through OpusTrail, a companythat organises remote work retreats across India. To that end, they have tied up with about 45 properties spanning eclectic landscapes of thecountry to curateworkations for solo travellers, couples, and larger teams of organisations, keeping sustainable practises and local workforce at the centre of the experience.“We ensure that the properties we tie up with have everything a person working remotely might need: high-speed Wi-Fi, work-friendly areas, amplepersonal space, pet-friendly stays, and good meals,” says Co-founder and CEO Raghavendra Pratap Singh. The idea is to mix up locales: Mountain views,beaches, riverfronts, and jungles—so remote-working guests don’t all end up in one kind of place, and are free to workation-hop, meet other freelancers,network or justhole up. Some of Singh’s favourites are Glampeco in Manali, where cottages come with mud walls and overlook the region’s snow-cappedpeaks; and Jalori House in Jibhi, a cliff-side property amid pine forests.

—Kareena Gianani


OpusTrail’s property partners are spread across Goa, Kannur, Bir, Pangot, Pushkar, and beyond. It offers packages for 7-, 15-, and 30-day stays. Doubles for a private room in Glampeco cost Rs13,090 for a week, including breakfast. Jalori House provides all meals to a couple for Rs30,800 for a week’s stay,


‘How to Travel Better in 2021’ is a comprehensive list of Indian destinations worth exploring in the coming year, and has been reported by the editors and contributing writers of National Geographic Traveller India. Read all the entries on our digital forum or new National Geographic Traveller India app here.  

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