How to Travel by Land from Laos to Vietnam (A Backpacker’s Guide)

A Part of the Banana Pancake Trail is a Laos and Vietnam. They have 6 shared borders that you can enter if you are visa-free or have valid Visa. While you can quickly get flights from Laos to Vietnam, many backpackers also like crossing borders. Here, you’ll know how to travel by land from Laos to Vietnam.

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Land Border Crossing is the cheapest and most fun way to hop from one country to another. Not only can you save half of the ticket prices, but you could see different views and experience more culture along the way.  Our guide will tell you how to get from famous spots in Laos to the ones in Vietnam.

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The Land Borders

Here are the land borders on which you can cross from Laos to Vietnam. Though Filipinos can stay visa-free in Vietnam for 21 days, most nationalities need an eVisa for Vietnam. With your Visa, you can also cross the following international land borders:

  • Bo Y
  • Cha Lo
  • Cau Treo
  • Lao Bao – Dansavanh
  • Nam Can
  • Tay Trang
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Vientiane to Hanoi


Learn here how you can travel from Laos’ capital to Vietnam’s.

  • Ride a sleeper bus from Vientiane Southern Bus Station
  • The buses leave at 5 PM
  • Direct buses are operated by HTX Van Tai and The Sinh Tourist
  • Travel Time is 22 – 24 hours
  • Cost is about USD 30 – 40
  • You will be stopping on the border (usually Cau Treo) which opens at 7 AM
  • You will be arriving at Hanoi Nuoc Ngam Station

Vientiane to Vinh


Vinh is the capital of Nghệ An Province, which is found in the north-center of Vietnam. From Laos, you could make a stop here before going to other famous cities like Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh. You can also stop by Cu Lao beach or Da Nang.

  • Go to the bus station in Vientiane
  • Ride a sleeper bus, usually Saysamon Transports
  • The ticket costs USD 20 – 25
  • The schedule is every 7 PM daily
  • It will take about 10 – 12 hours

Luang Prabang to Hanoi


Luang Prabang is another famous and most favorite spot of tourists in Laos. Witness the  Buddhist culture as well as their temples in this ancient town. From here, you can journey to Hanoi.

  • Go to the Malany Guest House (HTX Van Tai), Naluang Bus Terminal (Naluang), Northern Bus Terminal (The Sinh Tourist)
  • Ride the sleeper bus, the ticket costs USD 45 – 60
  • The Naluang Bus departs every 6 PM
  • It will take about 24 – 27 hours

Attapeu to Ngoc Hoi

If you are in the southern part of Laos, then the capital there is Attapeu. You could cross from Cambodia from here and enjoy Don Det, 4000 Islands, or Pakse. It’s a less-traveled route, but you could go from here and take buses to reach to Ho Chi Minh or Hoi An.

To the Border

  • Ride a bus from Attapeu, Laos to Ngoc Hoi, Vietnam
  • You would be crossing the Bo Y border
  • This will take about 3 hours costing USD 20 – 30

From Ngoc Hoi

  • You could take buses from Ngoc Hoi to Ho Chi Minh or Hoi An

Travel Tips for your Land travel from Laos to Vietnam

DIY Itinerary in South East Asia

  • The bus station is chaotic, don’t let go of your ticket or have copies until you get on your bus
  • Some buses may have not toilet; so you may stop at a few stations
  • The temperature of the bus is super cold
  • Bring snacks and buy enough water during your travel, you may have limited time during your trip, or you might get hungry
  • Bring cash, and you might need to exchange your money before crossing borders or at the immigration area
  • Wear comfortable clothes during travel
  • Check if you need a visa before traveling, for Vietnam, mostly needs an Evisa to enter and cross borders
  • Immigration Offices are usually open at 7 AM, so you may need to sleep on the bus at the border
  • Be prepared for people who take bribes in the immigration

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I hope you’ll know how to travel by land from Laos to Vietnam because of this article. The travel might seem lengthy, but it’s going to be a memorable adventure. If you don’t like the idea, you could always take a plane ride to Vietnam. However, backpackers and those on a budget will enjoy this route.  Keep safe and enjoy your travels!

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