Huntsville Marriott Space and Rocket Center

Rocket Sunsets and In-Room Dining

We considered heading down to the Barrel Room for their happy hour specials, but we couldn’t pull ourselves away from the view. Even from our 7th floor King Room, we still were looking up at the 363′ tall Saturn V. That’s taller than the Statue of Liberty from the ground to the torch or the Big Ben clock tower. It’s perhaps more iconic for space enthusiasts than either as well, since it’s still the only vehicle ever to lift humans past low Earth orbit.

Instead, we dined in the room and watched the sunset. There’s plenty of options for room service, from the hotel restaurants to delivery. However, our concierge arranged a treat for us – the Take Flight amenity. We felt it was a perfect homage to German rocket science, with a flight of three locally brewed German beers accompanied by a pretzel and sausage charcuterie board finished off with a stout chocolate cupcake topped with a bourbon swiss buttercream frosting. It was just enough to tide us over for diner. People who love their In-N-Out burger animal style will love this amenity because you will not find it on the menu, but the staff knows exactly what you’re talking about when you ask for it.

As the sunset turned from an orange glow to a distant memory, we watched the light show on the Saturn V. In November of 2019, For the 50th anniversary of Apollo 12, the Space and Rocket Center illuminated the iconic rocket with a brand new color-changing LED light system. “Huntsville’s iconic Saturn V not only towers over the landscape but now at dusk, it will glow as a welcoming beacon for citizens and visitors alike,” says Schelly Corry, the vice president of museum and exhibitions at the Rocket Center. It certainly welcomed us to our room at the Marriott Space and Rocket Center.

You can see the Saturn V from many rooms at the hotel, so be sure to ask about your view when you book. It’s worth it.

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