In Photos | Dance of the Fireflies in Anamalai’s Tiger Reserve

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June 30, 2022

This summer bore witness to one-of-its-kind synchronisation of fireflies that took place in the sprawling Western Ghats of Anamalai Tiger Reserve in Tamil Nadu. A cluster of a thousand lighting bugs cast a bioluminescent blanket over the lush jungle, making the core protected area glow like Christmas lights on a December evening. The event has been compared to the wildebeest migration in Africa, drawing parallels with the rare phenomenon. In fact, it has never been documented at such a large scale anywhere else in the world. Even so, not much is known about the conservation of these nocturnal insects or their species, which have caught the attention of researchers .

Photographers Pravin Shanmughanandam and Dhanu Paran unveil the wondrous sighting, alerting us of the need to preserve their habitats from biodiversity loss, artificial lighting and pesticides.

—As told to Vamika Singh


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