Jobs with travel, check out these 3 jobs that worked for me.

Many of my friends ask me, how I manage to jobs with travel. They ask me about grant of leave for vacation. Well, I don’t need any leave grant to travel. Travelling the world is a dream of many, but somehow they are not able to manage it either because of 9 to 5 job or because of lack of money. This post will address the basic problem of jobs with travel together. Below is the list of 3 jobs that would let you travel the world. All these three jobs are time tested and I have personal experience with it, so I am sure about it. If it can work for me, it will work for you as well.

Become a freelance Web/ Graphics developer or designer – Jobs with Travel

Become web/graphics designer or developer

This is what I am doing right now in order to travel. When I completed my course of website development, I got so many options at Kolkata to join as a full time web developer, but that wouldn’t have satisfied my wanderlust. So I decided to try my hands in freelancing which would both fetch me money and flexibility of time. I started experimenting with various freelancing websites like elance, odesk etc. I also tried websites like people per hour, fiverr etc. It took me a year to build up my client’s base. The orders for building or revamping of websites kept coming in,  but it wasn’t in a regular flow. Therefore I decided to fill up this gap with building up and selling website themes at themeforest, which is another great websites for web designers to make money. After a year, I had full control over my time and flow of income. Learning Web development is more about practice and less about rules. You can learn rules in less that six months, but you have to practice a lot to get it perfect. So my advice is to learn web design/ development from a reputable instiute and practice at your home. While learning you can join the websites mentioned above and start trying things. When you think, you have enough fan base, then get set to roam the world. Freelance website/graphics Designer/Developer are best jobs with travel scope.

Earning potential : $500 to $5000 per month

Start a travel blog – Jobs with travel

Become travel blogger

This is a travel blog, which you are reading now. we are creating this in order to make my wife’s life free like me. She is still struck in 9-5 job. A website has a great potential to earn from advertisements and affiliate. Other sources being lead generation and sales, sponsored posts etc. The good thing with travel blog is that you don’t have to rely on clients for work, the only thing it will require is good amount of audience. Its takes about one year with good SEO practice to develop considerable amount of audience. You can get the entire work done from professional web designer/ developer, SEO experts, content writers. But if you want to do it yourself, you will require to have indept knowledge about it. Not just a travel blog, but you can blog on any subject you love, be it fashion or lifestyle or food. I specifically talked about travel blog because traveling and writing for the same is much easier and words for blog post comes naturally. Being a web developer myself, I can help you in creating your dream travel blog. Drop me a line here.

Earning potential : $0 – $20000 per month or even more

Become a online travel agent – Jobs with travel

Become travel agent

This profession will require you to have a website but not a personal travel blog. It will be a website about tour packages. You will also require a office (not compulsory) where your customers can directly approach. As a travel agent you will require to visit several hotels and resorts to partner with, in order to build up solid tour package. It up to you, how much you extend your business. You may sell your tour package online and continue your travel. The best part of the gig is, even when you are travelling you can do business with the hotel/resort where you are staying.

Earning potential : $500 – $10000 per month

I have personal experience with all the above three jobs with travel scope. Other professions that can help you traveling are Joining WWOOF, joining airlines, Teaching English as second language (only for native English speakers) etc. No words for these because I haven’t yet tried these personally and I have no idea about their income and risk factors. Protection Status

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