July 2021 Wallpaper Calendar – Bombax ceiba at Sunder Nursery Delhi

Bombax ceiba Blooming at Sunder Nursery – Free July 2021 Wallpaper Calendar 


Monsoons are delayed this year in Delhi NCR, and have missed there promised historical average date of 29th June so we are entering in a dry July and bracing for another week or 10 days of hot weather. While this image was clicked in the short spring of Delhi sometime in February, I am sharing it for the July 2021 Wallpaper calendar, so it will be only next year spring that one will be able to actually enjoy the flowers of this handsome tree, that announces the spring in Delhi.

Here is what I wrote earlier about the blossming of  Bombax ceiba tree in Delhi NCR

July 2021 Wallpaper Calendar Sunder Nursery Delhi

A bit more about this particular Bombax ceiba tree: If you notice carefully in this tree featured for the July 2021 Wallpaper Calendar, then you will see that the flowers are not blood red but of a different color, a translucent orangish golden if I remember correctly. Now most of the Bombax ceiba aka Semal, or Silk Cotton Tree flowers are blood red and this is the only tree with organgish golden flowers that I have seen. Maybe there are more but I am not aware of the same, have you seen the Bombax ceiba flowers in any other color besides red ?

Here is an intersting trivia about the Semal flowers > The dried flowers of Bombax ceiba are used in traditional Thai cusine for making soups, and in Cantonese culture for making invigorating tea using the dry flowers. And Wikipedia also tells me that the Bombax ceiba flower is used in the trademark of China Southern Airlines

I am sure some of you would like to know more about the monument that is dwarfed by the blossoming tree, but I think I will write a more detailed post about the same sometime in a future post.

So if you are ready to download the July 2021 Wallpaper Calendar that features this blossoming Bombax ceiba tree at Sunder Nursery Delhi then please click one of the links below and save it on your PC / laptop / mobile etc. 

You can download the June 2021 Wallpaper Calendar from desi Traveler blog in 3 sizes by clicking on the links below.

2100 Px wide

1600 Px wide

1024 Px wide


Free July 2021 Wallpaper Calendar Sunder Nursery Delhi

A Bombax ceiba tree in bloom at Sunder Nursery – July 2021 Wallpaper Calendar  


Here is a poem I wrote about the Semal flowers sometime back. Check it here on my Instagram

You are welcome to download, print, and share the July 2021 Wallpaper Calendar on social media for any personal purpose and share with your friends and family. My way of saying thanks to all the wonderful readers of desi Traveler Blog

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