June 2021 Wallpaper Calendar Snow Leopard In Spiti

A Snow Leopard In Spiti On June 2021 Wallpaper Calendar


June 2021 Wallpaper Calendar – clicked by Shreeram MV


Boy am I glad that 2021 is passing quickly and we are already in June, and I do hope these tough times pass as quickly as possible for everyone and we return to the old normal. With these prayers I am sharing the June 2021 Wallpaper Calendar featuring a Snow Leopard in Spiti. If you are not much aware of Snow Leopards then you are not alone, there is a reason the Snow Leopard is called Grey Ghost as it is one of the most elusive big cats found in India, among higher reaches of Himalayas, Zanskar and other mountain ranges. The territory of Snow Leopard extends to Giligit Baltistan, and other mountainous countries in central asia all the way from Mongolia to Bhutan and Kyrgystan to Uzbekistan.

Even with such vast geographical territory spread across thousands of KMs and more than a dozen countries the Snow leopard or Panthera uncia , is vulnerable and the global wild population is estimated to be less than 10,000 by optimistic estimates. The vast and harsh territory, spread across trechearous mountains in many countries makes it impossible to come up with a proper census of the snow leopard.

Where is Snow Leopard found in India ?

In India the Snow Leopard is found in Ladakh, Lahaul and Spiti in Himachal, parts of Uttarakhand, Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh. But your best chance to spot the same are in Spiti and Ladakh. But let me warn you you may meet locals living in snow leopard territory all there life and they would have never seen one, due to the elusive nature and perfect camouflage, that helps it melt into the surroundings.  So I cannot tell you how happy I was when well known wildlife photographer Shreeram MV kindly agreed to share this image of Snow Leopard that he clicked in Spiti with readers of desi Traveler Blog.

So dear reader enjoy the June 2021 Wallpaper Calendar featuring this beautiful image of the  ” Grey Ghost ” or the elusive Snow Leopard clicked using a zoom lens on an extremely cold but sunny day in Spiti.


You can download the June 2021 Wallpaper Calendar from desi Traveler blog in 3 sizes by clicking on the links below.

2100 Px wide

1600 Px wide

1024 Px wide


Free download June 2021 Wallpaper Calendar Snow Leopard

Free download June 2021 Wallpaper Calendar Snow Leopard

You are welcome to download, print, and share the June 2021 Wallpaper Calendar on social media, but please do not use these images for any kind of commercial purpose as they are copyrighted to the photographer – Shreeram MV and any unauthorised use is a violation of both Indian and International copyright laws.

Do check his amazing work on his Instagram >  Shreeram MV  

Shreeram’s work has been published around the world in prestigious magazines, newspapers both in print and online media.

Shreeram leads wildlife photography trips to around the world from Artic circle to Antartica and from grasslands of Africa to grasslands in Rajasthan,  and offcoure to Spiti to photograph Snow Leopard for Darter Photography

Learn more about the Snow Leopard here 





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