Launceston Accommodation Hotel Deals – The Beauty Of The Countryside

Launceston Accommodation Hotel Deals – The Beauty Of The Countryside

We all know that working every day can take a toll on both our body and mind. So for us workers, having a vacation is essential. It is a reset button that keeps us from burning out and at the same time reduces stress. Taking a getaway is proven to have several health benefits (read more) like better sleep and preventing heart diseases. Additionally, it improves productivity which helps us in our daily jobs!

But before you pack your bags and book a flight, we have to think of a good vacation spot that guarantees us to relax. When we say “vacation,” most of us would think about a visit to a beach, going to a different country, or perhaps going for a hike in the mountains. But have you ever considered taking a vacation in the countryside? Well, you are missing out because many reasons make the countryside a good place for a getaway. So in this article, we will make you, the reader, take a look at these reasons!

Five Reasons Why A Countryside Is A Great Place For A Vacation

Clean And Fresh Air

Compared to the city, the countryside has cleaner and fresher air! Because of the plant living around the place and fewer wastes from cars, factories, and other technologies, the air is generally less polluted than those of the city. Reduced air pollution is also healthy. Limiting exposures to waste products like carbon monoxide (black exhaust or fumes from cars) can prevent us from having diseases.

A Place Of Tranquility

Being in a state of tranquility is also a reason we seek a vacation; we forget about our problems and worries. One thing to achieve a level of calmness is the sounds all around us. The lesser, more relaxing sound around us, the more tranquil we will experience. Traffic, car noises, and even sometimes our noisy neighbors can throw us off from having a moment. 

Unlike the cheerful noises of people, the crashing of waves, and the sound of music from beach resorts, the countryside is a lot quieter. Here in the countryside, there is less “noise” pollution since it has fewer people and cars. The chirping of birds, the bustling of trees and shrubberies, and even the sounds of the breeze passing by your ears are ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) and more relaxing to hear.

Beautiful Landscapes, Starry Nights, And Bluer Skies

There is no denying it; the countryside has one of the most beautiful landscapes here on Earth. Miles and miles of grassy plains, trees, and even lakes show what mother nature has to offer. Looking at these beautiful landscapes makes you feel you are one of nature, relaxing your mind and giving you a sense of “escape” from your life in the city.

But that is not all; the lack of skyscrapers and pollutants reveal more beauty of the sky. Yes, you can see the skies anywhere in the city. But if combined with the landscapes, the scenery looks more breathtaking. But there is more, “light” pollution from the town affects how we see the stars during the night. Without the light pollution, the night skies would flex their heavenly beauty and show us infinite numbers of stars and our galaxy.

Plenty Of Activities

Whether going on a vacation with your family, friends, spouse or by yourself, the countryside has more activities it can offer. Having a few activities can keep you entertained for a while, but it would get boring if they become repetitive. Take fishing in a lake, for example. Catching fish is a good way to wind down, but you would not fish for the whole vacation days, would you? With that said, here are some of the activities you can do:

  • Horseback riding
  • Picnic at the plains
  • Playing volleyball, frisbees, or badminton on the open
  • Swimming on the lake
  • Boat riding
  • Celebrating the local festival (if there is any)
  • Sightseeing tourist attractions
  • Stargazing


Although we have a certain degree of privacy at home, there are still times when a relative, coworker, or friend visits us at our house. Complete privacy helps reduce stress since we would not worry about accommodating guests. Vacation is called a “getaway” for some reasons, and one of those reasons is escaping people that may cause us some stress. 


Now that you know about the reasons and decided to take your vacation in the countryside, let us talk about where you can stay. Here in Australia, there are many accommodation Launceston, Tasmania, that have many facilities and services for your vacation needs. Why is it better to book an accommodation firm? Well, they offer you a place to stay for your family and a place where you can relax or enjoy your stay!

What To Expect From The Accommodation:

Excellent Services And Facilities

Are you feeling lazy to go out and buy food? Order for in-room dining service. Want to have a haircut, rebond, or have your nail polished? Try going to their salon facility! Accommodation providers aim to make tourists feel more comfortable and relaxed while staying, so if you want to wind down as much as you, book accommodation and enjoy!

Added Outdoor And Indoor Activities

There are plenty of activities you can do in the countryside, so why not add some more? Accommodation providers also offer activities for you to enjoy! Here are some of the examples of these activities they offer:

  • Golf course
  • Driving range
  • Indoor and outdoor swimming pools
  • Playing Tennis at their court
  • Bike-riding
  • Gyms
  • Playgrounds
  • Outdoor Basketball; and
  • Bingo

A Comfortable Place To Stay

Of course, we should not forget about the shelter for the tourists. Hotels are what tourists seek whenever they travel. But for better accommodation, villas are a better choice because of added features in the complex. These features include personal parking and plenty of space compared to hotels. On top of that, the place is bike-friendly!

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