Local’s Guide to Bike Trails in Huntsville Alabama

The Full Monty (60-miles, 4000′ gain)

Map lovers would look at my bike map and ask – can you link the Big Springs, Monte Sano, Chapman Mountain, and Aldrich Creek rides together? Yes, yes, you can, and I call it ‘The Full Monty.’ I would start from Oak Park Park (is that like an ATM machine?) and ride the full Chapman Mountain Loop before tackling Monte Sano. Avoid bad pavement and a 14% grade on Oak Park Dr by taking either Chambers Drive or Douglas Lane to Bankhead. I like Douglas just a little better because I love that climb on Bankhead.

When you summit Monte Sano, go ahead and tack on Burritt on the Mountain because… sufferfest. Turn off on Toll Gate on the way down the mountain so you can join up with the Big Springs route at Dill St. However, just before you reach Big Springs Park, it’s time for a gut check. You finished almost all of the climbing.

Are you ready for a 14-mile out-and-back that’s almost flat? (28-miles round trip). If yes, turn onto Gallatin Street and follow the signs for Bike Route 59 to the Aldrich Creek Bike Trail. Be sure to check my map to see where it goes and to see if you like my minor modifications. Also, note that the entrance to Aldrich Creek isn’t obvious at all. Flip at Whitesburg Boat and Yacht Club and return the way you came.If you nope out of this segment, you still would have ridden 30 some miles with almost 4000′ of climbing. We’ll just call that the ‘Half Monty‘.

Either way, you’re at Big Springs Park, and you have a mellow little ride through downtown to get back on the second half of the Big Springs route. Take Clinton all the way to Maysville Rd, then cut the corner at Bid-A-Wee. It’s just a little bit nicer on the interior route to Oak Park Park. Congrats, you’ve done the Full Monty.

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