Lord Krishna comes to town and our home

Janmashtami is round the corner and in these rather gloomy days when we all are hoping for better times soon, some happy moments to look forward to for many of us. The celebrations may be muted this year but Lord Krishna would surely travel to town and be in our homes. And our heart. Lock-down or no lock-down.


Krishna is a major deity in Hinduism. He is worshiped as the eighth avatar of the god Vishnu and also as the supreme God in his own right. He is the god of compassion, tenderness, love and is one of the most widely revered among Indian divinities. Lord Krishna’s birthday is celebrated as Janmashtami. Also called Krishnashtami, this happy festival is enjoyed with great fanfare throughout India and many places overseas.

Shri Krishna Janma-Bhoomi, Mathura, India
Shri Krishna Janma-Bhoomi, Mathura

However there are some special destinations which have a very strong connection with Lord Krishna and it is here that the festival is celebrated in truly grand fashion. Each of these towns have beautiful temples dedicated to Sri Krishna.

Govind Dev Mandir, Vrindavan, India
Govind Dev Temple, Vrindavan
Pagal Baba Temple, Vrindavan, India
Pagal Baba Temple, Vrindavan

On the eve of Janmashtami, these temples are beautifully lit and decorated. Interesting events such as Dahi Handi (Curd Pot) breaking competition, skits performed by children and elders along with Bhajans and dance make the occasion completely festive.

Shri Krishna Janma-Bhoomi, Mathura,

Dahi Handi breaking competition, Janmashtami, India
And here they go..

One very interesting aspect of Sri Krishna’s life was that his travel journeys started very early and in fact within a few days of his being born.

Lord Krishna on his horse chariot. Pictures from Mahabharatha.
Lord Krishna’s journey..

As per the legends, Lord Krishna was born after his parents Mata Devaki & Vasudeva were imprisoned in a prison of Mathura by his evil maternal uncle Kansa. His father managed to smuggle the newborn out of the prison as his life was under threat from his uncle Kansa and sent him to his friends Nand and Yashoda. Sri Krishna spent his early childhood with his foster parents in a town called Gokul.

The Young Krishna painting

Since Mathura in the state of Uttar Pradesh of India is the birthplace of Lord Krishna, the town grandly celebrates his birthday. Mathura is one of the Sapta Puri, seven cities which are considered holy in Hindu religion. Mostly referred to as Shri Krishna Janma-Bhoomi (birth place), the several temples of Lord Krishna in this holy town are flooded with people during Janmashtami, who can be seen in festive attires and jovial mood. Rasleela is one of the most performed activities in Mathura during the occasion, which depicts the story of Lord Krishna.

Shri Krishna Janma-Bhoomi temple, Mathura, India
Shri Krishna Janmabhoomi Temple built around the prison cell in which Lord Krishna was born

Krishna spent his early childhood in Gokul, 16 km away from Mathura and Nandgaon which is 51 km north east of Mathura. Gokul is popular as a religious site from the 16th century and flourished as the center of the Bhakti culture. It was here that Lord Krishna was nurtured and brought up under the guardianship of Nanda and Yashoda. Gokul and Nandgaon is where he grazed cows, played pranks and also slayed demons like Putana at a very early age.

Brahmand Ghat, Gokul, India

Paavan Sarovar, Nandgram, India

In his adolescent years Krishna moved to Vrindavan, the twin city of Mathura. At a distance of 15 km from Mathura, Vrindavan is a major place of pilgrimage. It is noted for its numerous temples – both old and modern. The name Vrindavan evokes the playfulness and lovable characteristics of Shri Krishna. This is the place where he frolicked with the gopis (milkmaids) and tenderly wooed Radha.

Vrindavan Temple, Vrindavan, India
Vrindavan Temple

Govind Kund, Vrindavan, India

A place where Krishna also spent considerable time was at Govardhana Hill, also called Mount Govardhana. It’s a 8 km long hill located in the area of Govardhan and Radha Kund, which is about 21 kilometres from Vrindavan. The legend goes that at Govardhan, Krishna raised a mighty mountain on his little finger to protect the locals from the wrath of rain-god Indra.

Giriraj, Goverdhan, India

Another place also very close to Krishna’s heart was Barsana, which is the birthplace and home town of his favorite consort Radha, whom he never married. This is a village 45 km away from Mathura and surrounded with hills from four sides. As per the stories, Krishna spent some wonderful childhood moments in Barsana with Radha. There are temples in Barsana that are dedicated to Radha Krishna. It’s where the unique Holi festival ‘Latthamar Holi’ is celebrated with great gusto every year.

Braj Holi, Mathura, India
Holi, the festival of colors

Moving on, the city which played a very important role in the life of Lord Krishna was Kurukshetra, located in the state of Haryana. Kurukshetra, named after King Kuru who was ancestor of Pandavas and Kauravas, is the place where the epic Mahabharata battle was fought. At this place only, Lord Krishna preached the entire Bhagawad Gita to Arjuna. The city is also known as Dharmkshetra and there are many sites in this city that depicts its connection with Lord Krishna.

Kurukshetra, India

The journey of Krishna continued as he moved to Dwarka, a popular city of the state of Gujarat. Mostly recognized with Dwarka Kingdom – kingdom of Lord Krishna, it is believed that the holy place was constructed in two days on the orders of Lord Krishna. He migrated from Mathura to Dwarka after defeating devil king Kansa. Lord Krishna spent a big part of his life at this place. The festival of Janmashtami is celebrated with great eagerness and dedication here.

Dwarkadheesh temple, Dwarka, India
Dwarkadheesh Temple

Lord Krishna’s journey continues as we get geared up to welcome him home with folded hands, lights, music, festivities and celebrations galore.

Photo by Artem Beliaikin on Pexels.com

Daily Diwali at Vrindavan, India

Krishna Balaram Mandir, Vrindavan, India

Ajay Chandak, my friend and renowned painter whose paintings were featured in my post Travel through Art and which earned great appreciation from our readers worldwide, is someone who has traveled extensively in Krishna’s land. And created some masterpieces depicting the various moods of Krishna and Radha with his brush.

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Intl Day of the Girl_0

Come let’s get going. To welcome Krishna home. On Janmashtami. And do what we can to help the underprivileged girl child get what she deserves. Education.

Lord Krishna’s journey and Radha-Krishna paintings. PIN it for later

Lord Krishna comes home


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