Luxury Bubble Tent Stay in Petra Jordan Travel Vlog

One of our best stay in Jordan was our stay at the luxury bubble tent in Petra, Jordan. We drove all the way from the resort we stayed in near the Dead Sea to the outskirts of Petra where the bubble tent is located. We stayed in the luxury bubble tent for the night.  The travel vlog is up on our Youtube channel. Do check out more videos from our “Jordan series”. Subscribe to our channel for more such videos.


Jordan is famous for Martian and Bubble tents in the Wadi Musa and Wadi Rum region. We stayed in a luxury bubble tent in Petra. These tents get sold out pretty quickly, we were lucky to find a last minute deal. It is advisable that you book your stay early to avoid any disappointment later on. You can book the hotel from here


Here are some pictures from our stay.

Luxury Bubble Tent Petra

Private Jacuzzi in the tent


Luxury Bubble Tent Petra

Inside of the Bubble Tent

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