Mark Hotel Belgrade – The best place for Digital Nomads Visiting Belgrade Serbia

MARK Hotel Belgrade is your best option when visiting Belgrade, Serbia as digital nomads. Check below to know my experience with them!

My “new” friend Juliana and I flew to Belgrade for a business meeting and to see my therapist, dentist, dermatologist, and visit my second mom here in Belgrade. Aside from hanging out with old and new friends here.

Mark Hotel Belgrade The Best Place for Digital Nomads Visiting Belgrade, Serbia

During my stay, I was also glad to meet some of my old friends who are based in Belgrade. They also joined me in getting inked. Currently, Serbia is open for most nationalities, and you just have to present a negative PCR test result. So if you’re planning on visiting Belgrade, then Mark Hotel Belgrade is the place to be.

Mark Hotel Belgrade The Best Place for Digital Nomads Visiting Belgrade Serbia

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About Mark Hotel Belgrade

Mark Hotel Belgrade The Best Place for Digital Nomads Visiting Belgrade Serbia

Mark Hotel Belgrade is a 4-star hotel situated in the heart of Belgrade. The hotel has a modernist style, with warm interiors and clear lines. This makes the place cozy and relaxing at the same time. Furthermore, it is built with 53 spacious rooms and they are divided into 5 different room categories that can accommodate all types of guests’ needs.

Why is MARK Hotel Belgrade the Best Place for Digital Nomads

1. Its location

This hotel won’t fail you on your booking criteria. It is strategically located in the heart of Belgrade, and by the heart, I mean it’s only 2 minutes walking distance from the landmark Palace Belgrade, Yugoslav Drama Theater, and The House of Parliament.

2. Attractions Nearby

Mark Hotel Belgrade The Best Place for Digital Nomads Visiting Belgrade, Serbia

Most digital nomads like exploring the places they are in during their stay. It is something that Mark Hotel Belgrade has as it is near attractions in the city. Despite being on the City Center,  Manjež, Tašmajdan, and Pioneer Parks are close to the hotel which is very nice to just take a breather.

3. The Rooms and Suite

Mark Hotel Belgrade The Best Place for Digital Nomads Visiting Belgrade Serbia

The room at the hotel is modern, spacious, clean, and comfortable with plenty of daylight. When you stay here, it is understandable that you’d probably stay in your room longer than you anticipated.

4. The Staff


The staff at Mark Hotel Belgrade will be one of the main reasons why you will probably go back here. They are friendly and will always make sure that you are comfortable during your stay.

Mark Hotel Belgrade The Best Place for Digital Nomads Visiting Belgrade, Serbia

5. The Services Nearby the Hotel

Another good thing about staying here if you’re a digital nomad is the services nearby the hotel. Aside from going to popular places, you can also make use of these services. The most useful one is the laundry service just across the hotel.

6. They Offer Vouchers

MARK Hotel Belgrade really knows how to spoil their guests. They offer vouchers with a wide range of options. You can choose to have a coffee break or have a full weekend of pampering. If you are a digital nomad that needs some “me time” while you’re in Belgrade, this will be your best option,

7. The Hotel’s Services

With the hotel’s facilities and services, you can really have a memorable and convenient stay. It doesn’t matter how long or short you will stay, the services here are top-notch. One of the best services they have is the Rent a Car service. This one is really helpful especially if you’re a digital nomad and loves exploring the city and other towns. Other services that may be helpful to you include:

  • Organizing spa and wellness activities
  • Tickets for theater and concerts
  • Tourist information
  • Valet Parking

8. The Restaurant and Bar

MARK Hotel Belgrade’s Restaurant offers meals from breakfast to dinner. There’s a varied selection of food for breakfast. During lunch, they have the A la Carte Selection. Finally, before you end your day, the hotel will dim the lights and give you a wonderful setting. With the light and calm music, while having a delicious meal on dinner, you will surely enjoy your time.

Mark Hotel Belgrade The Best Place for Digital Nomads Visiting Belgrade, Serbia

If you fancy bars, why not stop by at the hotel’s bar? Their bar provides a stylish and elegant venue. Have a drink after work or spend your evening here before you go to bed. Enjoy the hotel’s selection of Cognacs and other drinks.

9. You Can Have a Private Dining

If you’re not that sociable or you don’t like having a meal with other people or you’re just too busy to go out of your room to eat, then you can have private dining. MARK Hotel Belgrade offers this service for everyone, which is also good for digital nomads that don’t have the time to go out for a while.

10. MARK Hotel Belgrade Offers Luxury and Tranquility for Digital Nomads

As digital nomads, we usually seek adventure. But from time to time, we also need some peace and tranquility. MARK Hotel Belgrade offers everything from great services, amenities, private time, and luxury. One day, you’ll be staying in your room doing your thing, then the other day, you can go out and explore the attractions, culture, and daily lives of the local people. There is really a lot of good things to do here which makes this hotel the best option for digital nomads staying in Belgrade, Serbia.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mark Hotel Belgrade

1. How much are the rates?

You can check their latest rates from their main website or

2. Are pets allowed?

Yes! Your pet can come with you but it’s on request and with an additional fee.

3. Can I bring outside food or drinks?

Unfortunately, it is not allowed.

4. Is breakfast included with the room rate?

Yes, and they’re good!

5. Do they have a restaurant?

Yes, and they serve both local and international cuisine. Their specialty is Italian dishes.

6. Is smoking allowed at the hotel?

Only at the bar area on the ground floor.

7. What’s the check-in and check-out time?

It’s 2:00 PM for Check-in and 12:00 PM for Check-out.

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