Most colourful and Beautiful Streets to explore in India |

India is an incredible destination that is dotted with numerous colourful streets with amazing views and beautiful spots to click pictures. Walk around these beautiful streets and get transported into a whole new world. 

Everyone’s favourite Jodhpur city has an offbeat destination that is really gorgeous and makes you fall in love with the city more. The blue houses street is a must-visit place for photography lovers because the narrow streets, old blue houses and shops have something special to offer to the travellers. You are going to love the vibrant atmosphere of that place and you can also see the lifestyle of the local people of Jodhpur. The colourful street and smiling face of Jodhpur people will make your day. 

  • White Town, Pondicherry 

The White town area of Pondicherry or French quarter is best explored on foot as you will be able to see stunning colourful houses, french street names, vintage cafes and heritages Havelis (Mansions). Go for a heritage walk around White town, click instagramable pictures with a backdrop of old and beautiful colonial buildings, discover quirky cafes and enjoy delicious meals along the way. I am very fond of photography and went to White town during my trip. The area was really clean green and you will get many photo opportunities in every part. Also, ‘Le Cafe’ is a must-visit cafe in Pondicherry if you want to chill and relish some good food. 

Dotted with pastel colour houses, colonial-style cottages, artistic doors and balconies, Fontainhas is one of the best places to explore in Goa. This place is so colourful with a cheerful atmosphere all around and this proves that Goa is beyond beaches. Not only bright coloured houses, you can also explore 100-year-old bakeries and cafes and enjoy mouth-watering meals with your travel partner and make your day more fascinating.

  • Lodhi Art District, Delhi  

Lodhi Art District is gaining popularity because of its open art gallery where you can see wall paintings and illustrations by artists. A slow walk here with your friends or partner will surely give you many memories to remember. Each painting has a cool design and some depict stories of Mahabharata, women’s rights and much more. For an Artist, Lodhi Art District is a perfect place to visit because it is one of the most colorful streets you will find in India. After the long walk, you can go to nearby cafes and restaurants to end your day on a special note. 

Street arts, wall paintings, graffiti and deep-coloured buildings will fill your Facebook and Instagram with gorgeous pictures. So, do try to take some time to visit these streets whenever you are in that city. 

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