Most Prominent Changes of the Travel Industry

Affordable international flight tickets might soon be a thing of the past as experts believe that several factors will affect the cost of tickets. First of all, experts project that the pandemic’s effect will make passengers wary of long-distance traveling, resulting in fewer passengers on international flights. Airlines will still have to generate revenue somehow, which means passengers could pay a lot more.

Secondly, if airlines are expected to carry 50% of their cabin capacity based on proposed social distancing measures, customers will likely pay twice the regular fare because airlines have to make up for the other empty seats. 

Deregulated international fares might become a thing of the past, automatically limiting international travel industry to the affluent few who can afford the luxury. Many yearly vacations will be on hold as the financial implications are likely to be too much for many to handle. 

These changes will also affect tourism destinations that rely on international tourists. Tel Aviv is likely to host fewer visitors in their club as the streets of Bangkok will not be swarming with tourists interested in roadside meals. 

According to the United Nations World Tourism Organization, with an estimated revenue loss of between $US910 billion and $1.2 trillion for the industry, many tourism-dependent cities and countries in the world have been badly hit.

However, there is hope that after the pandemic subsides or the world finds a vaccine, travelers will be able to embrace the complete tourism experience they love and crave. 

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