Nine Things To Do In Tucson For Your Next Romantic Getaway

Pssst. We have a secret for you. Tucson is an incredibly romantic city filled with unique – only in Tucson – things to do. The rich blend of natural beauty, vibrant culture, and thriving arts will thrill and delight you on a romantic getaway to Tucson.

Jenn was the lead therapist of Ritz Carlton Dove Mountain, and Ed worked in aerospace while avidly exploring the Sonoran Desert. We’ve lived in Tucson for almost 20-years, and know the city’s secrets. We met, dated, fell in love, and even got married during our Tucson time. We know a thing or two about the Tucson dating scene, so we pulled together nine incredibly romantic things that you can only do in Tucson, which are sure to make your heart swoon.

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