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Want a mood-lifter? Order in some new dishes! We recently tried Origami, a Pan-Asian restaurant that works through the cloud kitchen VDeliver. The food was delivered punctually at our door-step. That, we assure you, was a good start.

Origami – Pan Asian food delivery

Like it or not, we are again back indoors and it is perhaps going to stay like that for a while. It is rather trying this time and the COVID second wave in India is getting on to us more than the first.

But good food is good mood they say and we say too. While there is no food like home food, at times, we do have cravings for fancy stuff. Like sushi. Like Thai curry. Like dim sums. This genre of Asian food is neither as bland as continental items nor as hot as our Indian cuisine. No wonder, Asian food sits very well on our palette especially during summer.

Yet, it is not easy to find a food delivery chain that would do justice to this cuisine. But we had to decide and ordered from Origami, a Pan-Asian restaurant that supplies food through VDeliver. Why did we choose Origami? To be honest, it was the name.

As a child there was a book at home on origami, the Japanese art of folding paper to create objects. Origami was fun. We learnt to create fancy objects – a flying bird with flapping wings, or a boat with a sail, or an elephant that could bow its head using origami techniques. Origami had kept us company on many lonely afternoons during summer vacation. The book has been passed on to the next generation, but the nostalgia remains. And that made us select Origami among many other brands that supply food through the cloud kitchen VDeliver.

What is cloud kitchen?

Since the last year or so, we have been hearing the buzz expression “cloud kitchen”. If you are as baffled as us, rest assured, this is no rocket science. It is a food delivery platform where you order on phone or online. The food is prepared in the kitchen of the supplier and delivered at your doorstep.

VDeliver is one such platform that provides many food options from different vendors. This spares you from checking out different food websites and saves time and patience.

Origami food experience

The food delivery by Origami made us smile for many reasons.

Reason 1 was their punctuality. We did not need to make frantic calls or try to locate the delivery representative on phone. The food was on time and that was a great start.

Reason 2 had to be their packaging. Every item was neatly packed in boxes and jars and then in a big bag. There was no spilling or overflowing. Moreover, the food hamper looked so opulent, like an Alibaba’s bag of wealth, and made us even hungrier.

Dishes we tried from Origami

Cantonese prawn chilli – This was prawns in a spicy chilly hot sauce.

Shanghai chilli chicken – This was chicken in cooked in a Chinese sauce. The dish was full of flavors and had big chunks of chicken and vegetables.

Vietnamese summer rolls – Fresh flavorsome vegetarian summer rolls, and frankly tastier than what we had in Vietnam. Light on stomach, the rolls were in transparent rice-sheets and were perfect for the heat of summers.

Crazy summer rolls – These were delicious sushi rolls with kiwi, avocado, cucumber and sriracha topping. The pickled ginger and wasabi were neatly packed in tiny containers. Grated beetroot was a welcome side. It added a surprise crunch to the dishes.

Origami signature spicy basil chicken– It was a dry chicken dish. We liked it as a standalone snacky item. We did find it little too hot, dry and salty though.

Yaki Udon– This was a noodles dish that worked with chilly chicken and chilli prawns. Tasty and we would recommend this as a standalone dish too.

Veg Thai red curry: Yummy Thai curry for vegetarians. We had it with corn fried rice. Strong taste of the curry complimented the subtle taste of rice.

Dim sums – Hot n Sour chestnut and leeks – This was clearly the showstopper. Shaped as a carrot, the dim sum looked too beautiful to devour. The filling was hot and sour chestnut and leeks. We liked these even better than the non-vegetarian dim sums. Then again, the non-vegetarian dim sums were also delicious and pretty to look at.

Dessert – Raspberry parfait was served in small handy jars and it was an apt cooling end to this delicious spicy dinner.

To sum it up

Do forgive the sadness, but we are somewhat stuck in a rut. But the meal from Origami was interesting, wholesome and managed to uplift our mood. That is exactly why we had thought of ordering a somewhat offbeat cuisine in the first place. We give a thumbs-up to Origami. Buoyed by our success in ordering correctly, we shall perhaps try the other brands under VDeliver. No worries, we shall keep you posted.

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