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A Guest Post by Matt Ravel

Who doesn’t love to spend their time on an island? Well, if you are among those people who love on the island then Pacific Island holidays would be perfect for you to be in. They are already very beautiful but most of us know the main islands and so we often miss the real beauty of lesser known islands.

The Pacific Ocean has some of the most beautiful islands that you can check out.  Not every island of the Pacific Ocean is famous so see some of our exciting lesser known “finds”.

There are islands for every preference. Every island has tourist facilities. If you are not sure about the best islands of the Pacific Oceans, then here are some you need to check out:


Palau is part of Micronesia and is one of the most beautiful Pacific islands. You should not miss it! It is  surrounded by nature from volcanic mountains as well as, the turquoise blue water.

The best thing is that Palau never gathers too much crowd at a time so you would be able to have a peaceful vacation where you can escape from the city crowd.


If you love surfing, this is the best place for you to try it out for the first time or watch experts surf on the high waves.

There are some amazing views of the ocean and the nearby nature. If you are a photographer , you would be able to get some amazing shots. Here you can avoid hotels and resorts and instead stay at a village guest house to enjoy the culture of the local people.

Between June and July, you can enjoy the Heiva festival of this place. (For more information, see Travelila.)


Bora-Bora Island:


Bora-Bora is part of French Polynesia and is quite famous. It is often the only place most people think of when it comes to a Pacific Ocean holiday. It is occupied almost every month of the year so it becomes really important  to get the hotel booking few days before checking.

Bora-Bora is really great for water activities and the beauty of nature. It is also a romantic place if you travel with your partner.

Apart from the water activities, there are land activities from water skiing to hiking and wildlife  sighting and more. Here there are amazing hotels to choose from.

Lord Howe Island:

Lord Howe Island is in the Tasman Sea and nearby to Australia. It is a paradise.

For an active trip, you would be able to enjoy the land and water activities or just relax at a local resort. You would also be able to enjoy bird sighting, including really uncommon species.


Tanna is part of Vanuatu. It is perfect for a peaceful, yet interesting, holiday. A top attraction is its active volcano.

In addition, there are breath taking forests and coffee plantations to explore. Beside the natural beauty of land and sea, there is popular shopping as well.


Ouvea is part of New Caledonia. It is a hidden gem off the typical tourist path. Here you can have a relaxing beach vacation or an activity tour.  For the latter, you can enjoy a bike ride to explore the area at your leisure.

Another good thing about Ouvea? It is quite affordable whether for shopping or sightseeing.

Laucala Island:

Laucala is part of  Fiji. However, it is a bit pricey. If you have sufficient budget and want to have a small luxurious holiday, then this is the place.  There are beautiful resorts to choose from.

Vava’s Island:

Vava’s is part of Tonga. It is among the forgotten places of the Pacific Ocean islands. If you want to spend a peaceful, spa holiday, then this is perfect for you. It offers both relaxation as well as, adventure.  It is really great for whale-watching as well.

You would also be able to enjoy a spa and other such amazing services at the resort which would take away all of your tiredness which is great for sure. If you often get excited about mammals and animals then you would be able to view some of the interesting animals in this great place.

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