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The bucket list of must-visit places is set to be revised after watching this film.



It’s been some while since you stepped out and took a break, and the mind, body, soul are all itching for a getaway. If you too are tied down by work, then this video might just be your moment of respite: presenting the Unseen India film.

Watch the film here:

The Unseen India film brings into play a mix of emotions: pride at the nation’s cultural diversity, wanderlust to go see the unseen, and a desire to discover the hidden gems of India. The experience of watching it will likely elicit goosebumps as the breathtakingly beautiful views of awesome Assam, Amazing Andaman, and Majestic Manipur are brought into sharp focus.

Know all about the #MyIndia campaign

To underline the beauty of these destinations, MakeMyTrip collaborated with some of India’s best travel Instagrammers to encourage everyone to travel and rediscover these unseen, pristine places of India, which are still unknown to so many of us.

These Instagrammers, through reels, videos, and images, showed us that there are multiple places here in India, which are still waiting to be explored by us. Along with their travel bits, they also encouraged us to post a picture of a hidden gem we visited as a part of the #MyIndia contest, the winners of which would get a chance to be MakeMyTrip’s travel ambassador!

Take a virtual tour of the hidden gems with your favourite creators

Here’s a look at our favourite content creators’ travel journeys, and all the places they’ve covered:

Kritika Khurana covered the beautiful lanes of Leh-Ladakh. As she rightly mentions, there’s a lot to see beyond the Pangong Lake in Ladakh. We can’t help but agree:


Meanwhile, Shenaz Treasury takes us to the beautiful Andaman Islands. If you’re a nature lover, then you should definitely check out the gorgeous property she’s staying at on her trip:


We are sure you’re a fan of Shivesh’s delicious-looking cakes, but this time he more to offer than just his recipes and experimental dishes. His stay in Puducherry has truly been one of the most colorful, relaxed, and memorable. Take a peek:


To see the many other hidden gems covered by content creators as part of this campaign, head over to MakeMyTrip’s Instagram posts, Guides or to the trip ideas section of the MakeMyTrip app. And to get your hands on the best hotel locations, trip ideas, cab bookings and easy access to flights, you can head over to the MakeMyTrip app, just like your favourite creators did. The gorgeous beaches and these lovely hills are definitely calling out to you and we believe that it’s your turn to explore the unexplored!

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