Pocket WiFi Europe 2021: Stay Connected On The Go With TEP Wireless

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If you’ve done even the smallest amount of traveling in your life, you’ll know that the one challenge is staying in touch with friends and family back home.

On top of this, if you work on the go and you rely on the Internet to be able to do that, having a reliable source of online connectivity is vital. This isn’t always easy when you’re off exploring the many corners of the planet!


For most people, staying in touch with people is the main concern, but there are many other benefits of having a constant and reliable online source besides that. For instance, if you need to check the times of public transport, if you want to find out a translation of a word or phrase, if you want to find out something about a place you’re visiting whilst you’re there, if you need to check your bank account or transfer funds, and of course if you want to do any work whilst you’re traveling, to keep your travels well funded too.

Doing your research on which option is best for you really depends on where you’re going, but Tep Wireless is a great idea to look into. This particular device connects in many different countries, including the most popular backpacking areas, and all over Europe, the Caribbean Islands, the USA, Australia, UK, and into Asia too.

So, What is it This Teppy About?

Tep Wireless is a small device that turns into a mobile hotspot /  portable wifi device / pocket wifi / a pocket hotspot / portable hotspot…hwoever you want to name it – no matter, it all means the same: wifi when you want it while on vacation!

Pocket Wifi Europe: Stay Connected On The Go With TEP Wireless

When you travel with your Teppy device (that fits in the palm of your hand by the way!) you’ll get the best 4G portable WiFi in Europe and you can connect up to 5 devices to it at any one time.

Learn more about the Tep portable WiFi device in Europe

Connection speeds totally depend on the country you’re in, but overall, you’re not going to experience any major problems. The battery life of the device lasts for around 6 hours on a full charge, and you can plug it into a USB to charge up again, e.g. a laptop etc.

When moving around, perhaps if you’re backpacking, provided the country you’re going to is covered on the map, you’ll only lose connection very briefly before it rights itself and gives you back your online lifeline!

Croatia Travel Blog_Pocket WiFi Teppy Europe Hotspot

Is Getting Portable WiFi Really Worth it?

Tep Wireless is a high-quality option to go for, and the sheer number of countries covered (over 100 currently) means you’re not likely to be without a connection when you need it. You can either buy the device and top up your connection amount online, paying with debit or credit card, or you can rent a device for the short time you’re visiting. There are pick up and drop off points at major destinations, so simply check out whether this is possible where you’re traveling to.

The cost is relatively low, at $8.95 per day for unlimited internet, so you can even stream a movie whilst you’re on the go, without worrying about eating up your 3G amount. There are extras you can add to your bundle too, such as calls and texts, and there is an in-flight WiFi facility in development too.


Should you get Tep Wireless? If you’re someone who really wants to stay connected and if you use the online world a lot for work or play (most of us), then yes, this is a great option to go for and one which will connect in a huge amount of countries.


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