Reasons to visit the Murcia Region of Spain + One week itinerary & guide

8. Slow down with rural agri-tourism

Agriculture has always been a huge focus in the Region of Murcia and is an impressive achievement given the arid soil. In the 17th-century orchards starting to convert to vineyards, however, it’s still often called ‘Europe’s Orchard’ due to the sheer number of fruits grown here.

The Almond blossoms provide a colourful sprinkle to the region in Spring, while the harvest here, which can last as long as from August to November provides a coating of greenery and grapes across the countryside from the low hanging Monastrell grape which grows outwards, rather than upwards.

Spain has been a little slower than Italy to entice visitors for the slow agri-tourism concept, but it’s certainly possible here in Murcia. With plenty of cool accommodation options, from staying in a windmill in an orchard, to a rural home amongst a vineyard, you can quickly slow down and become one with nature far away from others.

Vines seen from above in Bullas

9. Bathe in natural thermal springs

Murcia has started to become quite well known as a wellness destination. Yes, there’s plenty of Vietnam D on offer, but there are also plenty of spa hotels and accommodation across the region.

The natural thermal springs are in various spots, in more natural settings or in spa-circuits, and these can be combined with the muds of Mar Menor, where high saline levels make them suitable for therapeutical treatments.

The main square in Murcia with a cathedral on the left and a red fronted palace on the right

Cardinal Square in Murcia, Spain

10. City, culture, coast and cuisine on one road-trip

There is a lot to experience in the Region of Murcia, so if you are like me and enjoy a few days on the beach, but then quickly get board, you can easily combine all of this into a road-trip – allowing a good blend of city, coast, culture and culinary treats during a one-week road trip of Murcia, see my suggested route below.

There are also plenty of adventure activities to be enjoyed in the region, providing even more reasons to visit Murcia. Cueva del Puerto for example is a huge underground cave and rock formation, spanning more than 700-metres long. Other outside activities, such as mountain biking or hiking trails are readily available, while rafting in the Almadenes Canyon is both picturesque and a great adventure.

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