Remarkable Islands to Visit in Japan in the Autumn

At the western end of the Ōsumi Islands, in the extreme south of the country, there’s an island that has become a hotspot for lovers of aerospace exploration.

The headquarters of the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency can be found in Tanegashima, where rockets with satellites are launched into outer space, almost like a spectacle for the eyes as the flares reflect on the East China Sea.

The first firearm made in Japan was named after Tanegashima, and it was inspired by the arquebus (a long gun) that the Portuguese accidentally brought to the island’s lord in the 15th century.

The west coast of the island has 12 kilometers of beaches. The one in Nagahama, famous for its white sands, has a Polynesian aesthetic where sea turtles nest. On the other side, to the east, one can find Kumano Beach and the Chikura Cavern, both recommended places to visit when the tide goes down.

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