Solo Travel Safety Updated Tips for Women Travelers

Solo Travel Safety Updated Tips for Women Travelers: Check out these 12 tips for a safer trip. If you are going abroad, don’t let jetlag make you careless!

Solo Travel Safety Updated Tips for Women Travelers: Know Before You Go:

A past Washington Post had one of the best sources we have seen on safety for women world wide.  It covered both life and travel abroad. We have set out the key tips not seen often and added some of our own.

Andrea Sachs, Washington Post:

  1. In addition to the US State Department or such online resources for other countries, check out Pathways to Safety International.  They are a non-profit group. They have free background on many destinations. A key point they make in the article: If attacked abroad, check with your embassy or Pathways before contacting local authorities. In some places, you need to know what the laws state first.
  2. Program emergency numbers into your phone with a hard copy in case your electronic device does not  work.
  3. Before travel, find out what public transport there is for women. In Japan, India, Brazil, Egypt and Mexico, subways have women-only cars.


Solo Travel Safety Updated Tips for Women Travelers: Once You Arrive:

  1. Besides not accepting a drink from a stranger, try this: Buy drug ID strips that turn colors.
  2. Wear dark sunglasses per Journeywoman. In some places, eye contact may be misinterpreted.
  3. Taxis are not all the same.  Hotels where you stay can recommend which ones to take. When a problem occurs with cab drivers, try to take their photo, their permit and license plate BUT ONLY IF you can do so without being seen. That could make the danger worse!


Solo Travel Safety Updated Tips for Women Travelers: Our Added Tips:

  1. Cries for help may work.  However, we suggest having a referee style whistle on a wristlet.  I have one from sailing lessons. It was used for “Man Overboard Exercises”. Its shrill sound will make it likely to draw a crowd.
  2. Look carefully at homestays, group houses and short-term rentals.  You need to know if fellow renters have left keys spread around. Do they come and go leaving doors unlocked all night long? A second point: It is hard to know how safe a neighborhood in new places. Ask what the area is like. If you must find dinner at night, can you walk through the streets past sunset? What safe public transport is there?
  3. Watch out for theft, or worse yet, identity theft, through electronic devices. Don’t leave your room key card behind in the room. It may have your data on it. Password protect your phone. Don’t have Contacts for “home” or “family” but a term you know. Don’t overlook the treasure trove of private information tucked into your wallet.
  4. If you are in unfamiliar places, snap a photo of key spots as you leave your lodging. It will give you a map to get back again.
  5. Don’t overlook common dangers worldwide. First, note the fire escape plan in your lodging. Second, don’t let jetlag keep you from looking both ways crossing the street. Be sure to see if cars drive on the “wrong” side!
  6. Have access to emergency funds. Some hospitals abroad take cash only so getting to the ATM may not be possible!

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Safe travels!


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