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We’re somewhere in the last days of the lockdown, Time has come to unlock things, as the government has decided to settle down those restrictions. It’s been like 60+ days at home, we’ve faced a lot of problems, we’ve learned some new things, some of us are more productive right now than they were before this lockdown. 

And as now we’re in the Phase 1 of the Unlock, we’re looking to do those things we’ve eagerly waited to do. But my friend are you really ready to go outside and take things up or you’re just aimlessly thinking about this? 

We’ve faced a lots of tough situations in 2020. But the environment is healing itself due to the inability of humans to do what they are supposed to.These things provides us really important life lessons about which I’m going to talk in this post. 

Life Lessons from COVID – 19 Pandemic

Here are some important life lessons we should learn from this COVID – 19 Pandemic, that’ll help us to become more good humans:

1. Taking Care of our Hygiene 

Well, that’s obvious it’s indeed a good thing to maintain your hygiene and we’ve learned the same from this period. Your health should be your priority and for that you really need to take care of your day activities. 

We always knew that hygiene is an important thing but we feel it now. Washing our hands consistently and doing all the other activities that helps us to be healthy and free from a number of diseases. 

While you’re somewhere out travelling in another destination, try to be hygienic. It’s good for you and good for your health 🙂

So make sure you follow up this thing even after this period.

2. In hard time we should stand together

We have seen some of the noble souls who came out to help the needy people during this hard time. There’s still humanity left somewhere and we should appreciate having it among us. 

We are privileged to have good resources but what about those peoples who can’t witness this privilege? At least we can put some of our effort in helping them in getting there necessity. 

Well, we should feel happy that we got the opportunity to help those needy peoples. By donating some amount to them, by providing them food, By asking them their needs – we can help them out, right! 

We should show some kindness towards them rather than neglecting them in times when they need people like us to assist them the most.

3. Being more productive is a good reason to grow

Being at home all the time and still doing nothing to grow leads you to downfall. Before the lockdown we were like so busy doing our own jobs, studies etc. so maybe we’ve got a reason for not giving time to our growth. But when this period began we were free from all kinds of jobs and studies for a while.

Some of us Worked on their blog while others have learned something new. Some of us have done our part lately.

We had nothing to do but focus on our growth. Some of us might have killed this time by lying on bed doing nothing and I have to tell you guys you’ve really missed a golden opportunity to bring an amazing change in yourself. 

But don’t worry if you’ve missed it, Start now by doing a tiny thing and months after you’ll be in a really new phase of your life where you’ll see yourself getting better than usual. 

4. This planet is a gift for us 

Planet Earth is Gift for us by the supreme. In the recent days we’ve seen numerous things coming. The Environment is making itself better because we are at home. This means that we were exploiting our nature at a very harsh rate and that would have dropped us in a really huge trouble.

Earth is not our property or something, it’s a home for us and we were destroying it. There’s a very meaningful quote from Mahatma Gandhi which goes like this:

Earth provides enough resources to satisfy every man’s need, but not every man’s greed.

So we should just focus on sustainable development.

5. Cherish what you have now

Enjoy those things that you’re blessed with at present. In the stream of thinking about what you’ll have in your future. Look for the things what you have in present. You’ll be much more happier!

Embrace the current situation and use it as a advantage for you rather than freaking out on things that you’re not happy with. I’ve seen a lot of people saying that they’re pissed of in being at home for this long time and they are so disturbed with this. 

All you have is now, the past is gone and the future is yet to come. So why not dig deeper into our present to make our coming time more amazing, right! Remember everything happens for a reason 😉

What do you have to say about these important things that we should take into account? Let us know in the comment box.

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