Status On Traveling To New Zealand

Status On Traveling To New Zealand

The scenic beauty, spectacular views, and diversity of New Zealand are tempting enough to make anyone buy a ticket and hop on the first flight they can find. But since the coronavirus outbreak, New Zealand has taken some serious border measures and implemented early lockdowns to restrict the spread. 

If you wish to know everything about regulations, limitations, and procedures to visit the island during COVID, keep on reading. 

Travel To New Zealand is Restricted

New Zealand Government has enforced some strict guidelines to keep an upper hand on the situation. Recently a ‘very high risk’ country-category has been issued, which has prohibited citizens of India, Pakistan, Brazil, and Papua New Guinea. 

The entry of travelers from India, including even the New Zealand citizens, is prohibited temporarily. The traveler from UK and USA are supposed to bring their negative Covid 19 test results with them. 

14 days of quarantine with negative test results at the end of the period are obligatory for everyone arriving in the country. Everyone must confirm their slot at the quarantine facility before travel as the availability is extremely limited. 

Quarantine free travel

New Zealand is considering entering into a quarantine-free travel arrangement with its neighboring countries, which will relieve travelers from 14 days of quarantine. 

If this agreement is put into action, travelers from certain countries will have to fill an online travel declaration form only. The following criteria will be required for the passengers:

  • Passengers must have a negative test result.
  • There is no pending result for the test taken in the past 14 days.
  • A person must not be experiencing the following symptoms: cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, loss of smell, runny nose, and fever.
  • A person must not have been tested positive in the last 14 days. 

Very Few Reasons To Travel are Allowed

The New Zealand borders are almost closed for arrivals, but a few reasons to travel are allowed. You can enter if you have a legal right to enter the country or a resident with valid travel conditions. 

If you are a non-resident, you will have to ask for permission from the Immigration department of the country. The conditions under which traveling and entering New Zealand is allowed include:

  • New Zealand citizens, permanent residents, and their immediate family members. Citizens must be from Tokelau, Niue, and the Cook Islands. 
  • A person from the quarantine-free travel zone such as Australia, Cook Island, and Niue.
  • Australian citizen and permanent residents who primarily reside in New Zealand.
  • Other exceptions may include arrivals of aircrew members etc.

Maritime borders are closed, and the quarantine free travel applies to aviation borders only.

Critical Purpose Visa Is The Only Visa Category Allowed

Despite the strict ban on entry, Critical Purpose visa allows health and disability workers to enter the country. The shortage of health care workers in the country has made the government to allow health care specialists and their families to visit and serve the country. 

If a job has been offered to you, you can apply for the Critical purpose visa. This visa allows you to work for up to 6 months under District Health Board. 

After you have settled on your job, you can apply for long-term work or a permanent visa as well, which will allow your partner to start their job in any sector and your kids to attend the schools as domestic students. 

Registered Health Practitioners

The Critical health and disability workers include: 

  1. Registered Health Practitioners such as doctors, nurses, and physiotherapists. 
  2. Internationally qualified nurses who have the Nursing Council of New Zealand invitation and are enrolled in the Competence Assessment Program. 
  3. Workers who are experts in installing and operating medical equipment.
  4. People who can work at laboratories, pharmacies, oncology, pathology, etc
  5. Paramedics and ambulance workers.
  6. Workers who provide mental and addictions services, home care, child care, forensic health, and disability support. 

All the stated above should have the proper certification to support their services.

Applying for the New Zealand Visa

You can apply to get your Critical Purpose Visa hassle-free at The process is simple, and you will receive an invitation through email in no time. After getting your New Zealand visa, you can arrive in New Zealand in 4 months. 

New Zealand May Open Travel With Australia Soon

Reports are circulating that New Zealand may open its borders for Australian citizens soon after facing pressure from the business community. The travel bubble restricts certain areas such as Victoria and other regions where coronavirus cases are high in number. 

New Zealand has hesitated to open borders due to irregular cases appearing in Australia. However, the citizens are hopeful as the ski season and the school holidays approach near. 

The confirmed dates are not announced yet, but all eyes are on New Zealand Prime Minister to make the announcement.

New Zealand Closed Its Borders Early On

New Zealand is the first country to announce itself Covid free due to its early strict border closing policy, which has now marked its one-year ban. The step to impose a strict ban on all travel means was a courageous move on the government’s part to help them control the situation. Now they are looking forward to getting every citizen to get vaccinated before lifting the ban altogether. 

Maybe At The End of 2021, New Zealand Will Open

The news circulates that maybe at the end of 2021, New Zealand will open its border for people to experience its beauty and culture again. People from around the globe have started to prepare for the visit. If you are also one of those, you will need a New Zealand Visa and/or NZeTA. 

Once the borders open, all you need is to fill out an online form at, which is an effortless step. Make an online payment, and you will receive approval via email. Natvisa has made it possible to obtain a New Zealand Visa from the comfort of your home. 

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