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This Sunshine Blogger Award Nomination came like a breath of fresh air. And a lovely sunshine in these dark days. As fresh as a sunflower.

Thank you so much Chocoviv for this! And here’s the link to her nomination.

Sunshine Blogger Award 2

The Rules Are :

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.

2. List the rules.

3. Display the Sunshine Blogger Award Logo in your blog post.

4. Answer all 11 Questions asked of you by the blogger.

5. Nominate up to 11 New Bloggers to receive the Award and notify them.

6. Create 11 New Questions for your nominees.

Chocoviv Has These Questions For Me and Here Are My Answers :

1) Did you learn a skill during past couple months? – Yes, the art of calling family and friends more frequently and connecting through voice communication.

2) What do you miss the most during this quarantine time? – My management and behavioral training sessions with employees of large corporations.

3) If you could visit any country, where would you go? – Greece, which was planned for this summer.

4) What is the last movie that you watched? – Uri -The Surgical Strike


5) Coffee or tea? – Tea in the morning & Coffee anytime.

6) Plane or road trip? – Road trip any day while holidaying, whenever the distance is not much.

7) Sweet or savoury? – Sweet


8) What book did you last read? – The Power of Now by ‘Eckhart Tolle’

The Power of Now

9) When did you start blogging? – June 2018

10) Why did you start blogging? – To fulfill my dream of writing and story-telling.

11) Leave a link of your favorite blog post in your blog! – It’s about my birth place and my childhood days.

Bodh Gaya – The Land of Buddha

Mahabodhi Temple, Bodh Gaya, India
Mahabodhi Temple

My Nominees

The Home for Women Outdoor Adventurers

Wayfaring the World: চরৈবেতি

My Questions for my Nominees

1) What made you take up blogging?

2) What is your most memorable childhood memory?

3) Who are you/were you more close to? Your father or mother?

4) What’s your most favorite season?

5) Who is your favorite singer or band?

6) Which is one memorable movie which you have watched more than once?

7) Which is one book which has had a great impact in your life?

8) Your most memorable holiday.

9) Your most favorite destination visited till date.

10) Do you have an unfulfilled dream: If yes, what is it?

11) Leave a link of your favorite blog post in your blog.

Looking forward to reading all the answers from you.

And must confess. I just love reading your blog posts and look forward to many more. Thank you all for participating !!


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