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Traveling is a very significant part of life as it is the best way to get out of a very busy schedule. It is also to experience life in different ways. Traveling is actually a good medicine for stress, anxiety, and depression. It also improves mental and physical health.

Music’s purpose is to express and modulate emotion. It feels comfortable in mind and enjoys your destination while enjoying your moment.

Let’s play a traveling playlist with Pahadi Travelers and enjoy your destination You have your backpack, you have your maps but have you fallen short of good Travel Songs?

Let me know your favorite Travel songs in the comments

      The Best 15 Road Trip Songs To Light Up Your Boring Journey

 1. Safar (Film: Jab Harry Met Sejal)

The song “Safar” is from the soundtrack album “Jab Harry Met Sejal“. Arijit Singh and Pritam have sung the song “Safar”. He sings idhar ka hi hoon na, udhar ka raha; Safar ka hi tha main, safar ka raha (I belong here and I don’t belong there belonged to the journey and will belong there )

     Ab na mujhko yaad beeta

      Main toh lamhon mein jeeta

          Chala ja raha hoon

2. Ilahi (Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani)

The song “Ilahi” in this a person has discovering new places and meeting new people and its also a traveling photojournalist. But he is all about his backpack on the shoulder and explores your traveling journey 

   Shaame Malang Si

     Raate Surang Si

        Baaghi Udaan Pe Hi Na Jaane Kyun

3. Safarnama (Film: Tamasha)

The passion, ardent desire, or love for travel Urdu for travelogue, literally translated it means a story of a journey. 

“Meri ore se utha Teri ore ko qadam, Pehla Milenge hum”

4.  Phir se udd chala (Film: Rockstar)

This song is really hearted touchable because this lyric very clean and related to travel songs and your journey is more inspiring with this song. 

“Phir se ud Chala

Ud ke chhoda hai jahaan neeche main tumhare ab hoon hawaale”

5. Hum hai raahi pyaar ke (Film: Nau Do Gyarah)

 Watch Dev Anand driving through the empty roads of Delhi back in 1957and ending his journey in Agra. Has to be one of the oldest road trips on celluloid!

             Hum hain rahi pyar ke, humse kuchh na boliye 

            Jo bhi pyar se mila, hum usi ke ho liye

6. Aazaadiyaan (Film: Udaan)

It tells you to set your mind free, do not overthink, and pressurize your mind you just feel the road trip song  If you have a passion just follow your destination, with your pursuit it with full care and attention, you will succeed.

Pairon ki bediyan

Khwabon ko baandhe nahi re kabhi nahi reMitti ki parton ko nanne se ankur bhi cheenay, dheere dheere

7.  Wahan kaun hai tera (Film: Guide)

Perhaps the best song from one of India’s finest films in (1965), this immortal creation addresses a Musafir (traveler) and asks him about his futile journey amid questions around the hollowness of human life.

Dum lele ghadi bhar yeh chhaiyan payega kahan

Wahan kaun hai tera musafir jaayega kahan

8.Main zindagi ka saath nibhata chala gaya (Film: Hum Dono)

he film Hum Dono (1961). As we know, Hum Dono was released in color last year by the late film legend Dev Anand, and newly entitled Hum Dono Rangeen this song talks about taking the journey of life the way it comes. 

Mai.N zindagii ka saath nibhaataa chalaa gayaa

Har fikr ko dhuei.N mei.N uDaataa chalaa gayaa

9.Musafir hoon yaron (Film: Parichay)

This song appeared in the 1972 movie Parichay. In this song, He goes on to talk about how a new road pops up when the old one ends; how the road took a turn when he decided to change direction; how the morning held him down for a chat, and how the evening lured him for another rendezvous. This song has gone to new vibes during traveling on a road.

Musaafir Huun Main Yaaron

Naa Ghar Hai Naa Thikaanaa
Hmmmm Heyyyyyyy

10. Awara hoon (Film: Awara)

This song appeared in the 1951 movie Awara hoon. In this song feel breaking all boundaries and language barriers Awara in Hindi translates to someone who roams around without any goal or aim.

Awaara hoon, awaara hoon
Ya gardish mein hoon
Aasmaan ka taara hoon
Awaara hoon, awaara hoon

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