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Last year, I had a serious back injury and my health took a toll. Then the pandemic hit; I ate my way through all of our snacks (and then some), and put on a bit of quarantine weight.

After a few months, I decided to get back into shape and starting implementing better eating habits and working out.

I was able to lose the quarantine pounds, but my healthy habit of working out didn’t stick. And then I ended up in the hospital.

After a whirlwind of setbacks, I’m now in a place where I really want to focus on my health. I’ve lost quite a bit of muscle mass and flexibility, and my core strength is seriously lacking.

And the best way to prevent future back injuries? Strengthen the core!

I wouldn’t consider myself the most sporty person or someone who really likes to work out — so when researching options for getting back into shape, there are a number of things that need to be taken into consideration:

I get bored with workouts easily. I need to have some form of accountability. My schedule is all over the place — sometimes I’m home, sometimes I’m traveling. I’m not a fan of running. And I need to make accommodations to prevent back injuries.

I know, I know, I’m a little picky…but low and behold, I found a program that works for me!

Here’s how I’m using Future Fitness App to get back into shape — the best personal training app for frequent travelers!

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