Thrilling tree house stay in the tropical rain forest of the Dominican Republic

If you are an offbeat traveler like me, who loves to frequent the less frequented places, then this post will make you feel like packing your bags right now for tree house stay in the tropical rain forest of the Dominican Republic. Cities and crowd is a big turn off for me and this summer I wanted to visit an exotic location in order to beat the scorching heat and relax amidst nature. My search for such destination came to an end when I discovered Dominican tree house village. Here are the top reasons you should experience this mesmerizing stay in the lap of nature.

Exotic Location

Ever got inspired by the poems of William Wordsworth or fascinated with the movies like “Beach by Leonardo Dicaprio” then the location of the tropical rain forest of the Dominican Republic is for you. Here you can experience the serenity of less frequented beach, Island, Jungle and valleys.

Mesmerizing Stay

You will have a comfortable and relaxing stay amidst the tropical Caribbean jungle.  You will stay close to nature and enjoy the music of breeze and birds. It will be an enthralling experience, that you will cherish for the lifetime.

Fun and Adventure activities

You are an adventure enthusiast or fun seeker, the place is going to stand up to the expectations of all. You can indulge yourself in activities like hiking & trekking, cliff jumping, Paddle-boarding, whale watching, cave exploring, horseback riding etc or you can just sit back and do meditation or practice Yoga.

How to reach

You can reach Dominican tree house village by flying to Santo Domingo Las Americas and from there you can hire a bus or private taxi to your destination. It usually takes around 3 hrs drive. If you don’t speak Spanish, then it is recommended to hire a private cab which will directly transport you to your location. The estimated charge of a private cab is $149. For your booking related queries and for any other information regarding Dominican tree house village, you may send an email. Protection Status

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