Tips before travelling to Hyderabad

Tips before travelling to Hyderabad

Hyderabad is the city of Nawabs. It is famous for its food and rich history. Hyderabad is recognized as the fastest-growing IT hub in India. There are many beautiful gardens, lakes and ancient tombs which attract tourists all over the world. Check forBanglore to Hyd flights or flights for any other places and do advance booking to save some bucks here.

Hyderabad is a must-visit city, but before visiting there, you must know about these tips.

Do booking in advance.

To avoid the last-minute hassle, you should make bookings in advance. Hyderabad Airport is not so far from the city center so you can book hotels near the airport. Pre-bookings are the best for any vacation.

Check weather conditions before your trip.

Usually, Hyderabad’s weather is normal, but when you are visiting there, make sure that you are carrying loose and cotton clothes because Hyderabad is hot during the summer. Monsoon here leads to huge rainfall and humidity. The best time to visit Hyderabad is in the winter because the weather is pleasant and best for exploration.

Wear proper clothes in temples

You will see many temples and mosques in Hyderabad. So you should wear a dress accordingly. If you wear body-revealing dresses, it will be disrespectful. Make sure that while entering any place of worship in Hyderabad, you take off your shoes. That’s the culture here.

Know about transportation

The transportation in Hyderabad is really good. Buses are the best choice for the longer destination and autos for the shorter destination. Be aware of auto drivers; they sometimes charge you extra fees. This metro city has a lot to see. You will have a unique experience in buses and autos.

Keep the documents handy.

For security reasons, they will check you sometimes. So make sure that you keep your passport and ID proof handy; otherwise, you will get in trouble.

Avoid late-night travel

You should not travel alone, especially at night. Hyderabad is a safe city, but you should still skip travel alone at night until it is urgent. Be safe.

Language constraint

In Hyderabad, you might face a language problem. Here the people usually speak Telugu (Hyderabad’s local language). Only some people speak English and Hindi. All the signboards are written in Telugu. So we recommend you to get a guide in Hyderabad who knows the Telugu, Hindi and English language very well. It will be the best choice for the exploration in the unknown city.

Enjoy a variety of foods.

Hyderabad is a food paradise for South Indian Food lovers. It is so popular for its non-vegetarian dishes like Biryani and all. Spicy Venue, The best Biryani, Jonathan’s Kitchen, and Aish-The Park are the best food places. So don’t miss visiting there.

Know about taste before ordering food

The local food in Hyderabad is so spicy. Make sure you ask the waiter to make food a little less spicy than they cook, if spicy food is not your choice. On the other hand, if you are good with spicy food, enjoy the tastiest food ever. 

Take care of your luggage.

Be aware of where your bags and wallets are. It’s not good if it gets lost from you. So keep things with you while travelling.

Hyderabad is a modern city with some ancient tombs and sculptures. It is the best city for exploration. Be aware of these tips while visiting Hyderabad. You will have a safe visit if you follow these tips. Visit Hyderabad, have an amazing time!

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