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Chennai is situated on the Bay of Bengal and is home to many beautiful beaches for the state. It is also the capital of Tamil Nadu with lots of visitors from all parts of the country. Major airport and railway stations really facilitate and multiply the number of visitors here. Locale’s also here enjoys the sea breeze and spend quality time on different beaches. These beaches are also important providing some jobs to the locals as tourist folks in millions. The top 10 beaches in Chennai are listed below for anyone to read and select some for them to visit. Book a taxi in Chennai and visit the beaches you want to and enjoy with family and friends.

Let’s Read About the Top 10 Beaches in Chennai: –

1. Marine Beach

One of the most popular tourist areas in Chennai is the Marine beach with almost 30,000 visitors every day. This beach stretches out to a distance of 13 km giving it the title of the longest beach in India. It’s also a famous outing area among tourists and for the locals too. Getting to this beach you will find different food vendors with snacks to enjoy. You will also find many families and groups of friends enjoying time together. Many beach sports like football, volleyball can also be spotted and you can be a part too. Swimming is not allowed on this beach as its too dangerous, so don’t keep it in plans. Book a cab in Chennai and surely visit this amazing beach.

2. Elliot Beaches

Elliot beach is named after Edward Elliot who was the chief magistrate and governor of Chennai during the British Era. This beach is also known as “Besant Nagar Beach” as it is located in Besant Nagar. This beach is not that crowded but still famous among tourists and sees visitors during the weekend. Elliot beach is the extension of Marine Beach and tourists enjoy walking and relaxing here away from the crowd. Beach is very popular among locals as not too many tourists visit here. This place is very calm and perfect relaxing from day to day busy life.

3. Breezy Beach

It’s one of the best beaches for local residents to travel to and relax. It is located in Valmiki Nagar in Chennai and is not crowded. This place is best for relaxing and taking a walk through the beach. People like to spend some quality time here with their loved ones. It’s a nice place to enjoy sunrise and sunset and is very less polluted which makes it even better. Tourists can also visit this beach booking taxi service in Chennai. There are some café shops and local food vendors for a wonderful time with some food.

4. Covelong Beach

Covelong or Kovalam beach is one of the most popular beaches in Chennai. Tourist love to travel to this beach and is approximately 40 Km away from Chennai. Travelers can book cabs in Chennai for traveling to this beautiful beach. Many activities and water sports can be enjoyed here by tourists. This place is calm, peaceful and swimming Is allowed for the visitors. Palm trees, waves, and silver sand make this place naturally very pleasing. One can feel the calmness and spend time in leisure here. It’s a gift from nature and no more should miss visiting it.

5. Neelamkarai Beach

Neelamkarai beach unexplored beach of Chennai which is yet to be known by the majority of tourists from all parts of India. The beauty of nature can be best known and experiences here. Travelers can enjoy blue waves and walk along the beach. Turtle here is a major attraction and you can find them on the shore. Evenings are more suited for a visit from a tourist. This place is not very crowded, so some personal time can be enjoyed with a loved one.

6. VGP Golden Beach

VGP Golden Beach is the most beautiful and clean beach in Chennai. One important thing to know is that it’s privately owned and maintained. The VGP Universal Kingdom owns the beach and so access to the place is not free. After paying for the ticket and granted one can enjoy various rides available there. Various activities like surfing, building sand-castle can also be done here. This beach is also very safe for talking about bath and swimming. Located on the East Coast Road this place is great for a visit. Taxi service in Chennai is frequently available for talking you to the VGP Golden beach without any hassle.

7. Pebble Beach

This beach is relatively smaller than other beaches in Chennai. It’s not that crowded so great place for self solidarity. Tourists can enjoy waves and the beach sand with family and friends. It’s a peaceful place and locals also visit here regularly. There are some local restaurants and food joints serving some delicious cuisine. Beach is located just a kilometer away from Thiruvanmiyur but is easily accessible. Tourists can book taxis and start their travel anytime they want.

8. Akkarai Beach

Akkarai beach is also beautiful like any other. Anyone can enjoy things like sunrise, sunset waves, sand, and all other natures’ beauty here. This place is not that crowded and visitors can appreciate nature and its beauty. Beaches here are good for swimming and not feel shy of the crowd. Beaches like this are great for tourists and locals who don’t like too many people around them. Local can also plan huge family gathering here as there is space for all and in spare. Make celebration memorable with loved ones in Akkarai beach.

9. Nettukuppam Beach

Nettukuppam is located in the northernmost part of Chennai. Unlike major beaches in Chennai, it’s not that crowded other than weekends. Some tourists may come during off days otherwise you will only find a few groups of people here. You will enjoy simply sitting here and enjoying the cold breeze during the evening. Local can also buy some fresh sea-food from the fishermen there. If you want to visit this northern part of Chennai than book a cab ride. It’s really easy with a taxi in Chennai to reach any part of the city very fast.

10. Kasimedu Beach

This beach is one of the lesser-known beaches in Chennai. This place is really not for tourists so you won’t find a great restaurant or beach activities here. This place is for the fishermen and it’s a harbor. In case anyone chooses to visit this place, they will find local fishermen working on their boat or other necessary items. Coming here might be of one benefit and one might get some very fresh sea-food to take back.

Along with all that, you can also visit various other sports here and outer places from Chennai. Make hire an affordable cab service for visiting your favorite spots easily and enjoy your trip.

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