Top 10 Most-Visit Theme Parks in the US

There are several people who love to travel and visit theme parks. Even people from abroad often visit travel across the boundaries just to visit the most popular theme parks in The United States. However, those who love to travel are highly advised to properly check the local government rules, restrictions, and precautious measures regarding COVID-19 and are also strongly encouraged to take care of their health level and personal comfort before departure.  

There are multiple soothing places where you can enjoy like a classic ride on wooden roller coasters or a calming Ferris wheel. Theme parks are always eye-catching places, especially if we talk about Disneyland and Disney World, they took the topmost spot in ranking and everyone has their own sentiments and memories regarding the place which connects them even more. Disney rides are quite mild in terms of entertainment and thrills, as these parks are family-friendly and designed to make people enjoy of all ages. 

But if you want more thrills in life like having an experience just the same as Smokie Mountain vacation where there are many thrills and adventurous activities and rides, then there are other theme parks also which have record-breaking rides that truly blow your mind away. They really guarantee you a full package of thrill, entertainment, and a day of fun. These are regarded as the best theme parks in the US as per the research of TripAdvisor. 

Dutch Wonderland (Lancaster, Pennsylvania)

If you looking for a memorable vacation experience, then Dutch Wonderland theme park is counted amongst the most popular visiting place which gives you a full package of entertainment and satisfy your outing thirst. It is said to be kid-friendly the amusement theme park which is located just an hour away from Philadelphia. It is counted amongst the most famous theme park in the United States because it is the only park that builds the world’s first-ever Cartoon theme hotel just right next to the park. It is a most attractive and fun place to visit especially if you are looking for a family vacation moment and thriving hard to make it an awesome time to remember. 

Magic Kingdom Park (Orlando, Florida)

Another famous theme park, with classic and exciting family-friendly attractions and most beloved Disney cartoon characters, is not any other than Magic Kingdom Theme Park. It has an Iconic Cinderella’s Castle displayed right at the center of the park, as in order to gage customers, one needs to attract their sight and mind first. And by displaying such characters and themes will fantasize people and force them to visit the beautiful place. Such tactics make the place be rememberable that people travel from different countries to see these places. 

There are many theme parks near me but these top-notch parks are always breathtaking. There is no surprise or amazement that Kingdom Park at Walt Disney Resort claimed to be a number one spot to visit. According to research, it is not only Disney theme parks that are popular among the customers, Magic Kingdom was also ranked at the top as the most visited theme park globally in 2020, where around 22 million guests pay to visit yearly. 

Disney Animal Kingdom (Orland, Florida)

It was initiated in 1998 and had become the most visited place within two to three years. Disney Animal kingdom is taken as the most crowded place because of its unique immersive and animal-centric attraction experiences. This park, in 2017, designed the theme of Avatar Flight of Passage and World of Avatar which attracts more and more people around the world. This Park is stated as the winner of ride enthusiasts and nature lovers.

Universal Island of Adventure (Orlando, Florida)

This Park is full of excitement and adventure. Unique thrilling rides which include the most named Veloce Coaster is set to attract more and more customers. Those who love adventure and are poised to face the fear of thrill must visit this theme park. It is designed as a Harry Potter-themed land which transforms it into a universal’s Islands of Adventure just near the most favorite theme park called universal Orland resort.

Disney Land Park (Anaheim, California)

Disney land is undoubtedly one of the most renowned and famous theme parks all around the world. This theme park which initiated the empire of Disney Park comes at the top rank of most visited places. It is full of state of art masterpiece attractions and many nostalgic memories, which makes it the most iconic themed amusement park globally. It is a family-friendly park that attracts more people and drives more craze around the world to visit. 

Disney California Adventure Park (California)

California adventure park is often reminded of as a California-inspired park which is quite a popular place to visit. although it cannot beat the popularity of neighboring flagship park Disneyland but still is regarded as the best theme park to visit. it is always counted in the top choices when it comes to a place full of fun and attractions. This Park is designed by the theme of Avengers which is yet another reason for popularity as children are very much fond of the Avenger theme. 

Silver Dollar City (Branson, Missouri)

This theme park is located in Ozark Mountain of Missouri and is often regarded as a full trilled park. It is designed in a traditional style, chosen from 1880 style theme park where there are more than 40 attraction points and thrilling rides. Moreover, there is a bunch of exciting demonstrations from craftsmen and a high level of live entertainment. 

Disney Hollywood Studios (Orland, Florida)

Its theme park is designed by the theme of Star Wars: Galaxy Edge and Toy Story Land which thus attracts many children and families to visit this place. To people of all ages, Disney World theme park is rapidly becoming the most favorable place to visit and yet the popularity of this theme park is increasing year after year. Apart from that, the guest and tourists especially visit Orland to visit Disney World and these favorite characters are always eye-catching. 

Dollywood (Pigeon Forge, Tennessee)

This place is often ranked as the most favorable one to visit as it is located at the most beautiful place picturesque Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee which offers great fun and unique combination of rides that might take your breath away. Those who are thirsty for thrilling rides always choose this place to visit. Apart from that there are musical entertainment factor and delicious quality foods with family-friendly attraction points. 

Universal Studios Hollywood (Los Angeles, California)

This theme park is designed as the film studio where there are many popular and magical attractions that one can find in East Coast counterparts, they designed it as a way to bring nostalgic memories and also arranged a studio tour facility, which is a tram ride through the entire movie, sets to attract more people. This theme park offers a family-friendly environment and also, it’s a great pint of attracting force people to visit the park again and again. Moreover, those who love to see a live filming and real movie sets also take an advantage of visiting this theme park. 

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