Top 10 Places to Visit Puri

When visiting eastern India, Puri is one of the top destinations situated in the state of Odisha. It has the owner to have the one Dham from four sacred Dhams of Hindus as the Lord Jagannath. For pilgrimage sites in India, Puri may be one of the major attractions that considered incomplete without a visit here. The beauty of Puri also lies in its beaches that make it most attractive with various architectural beauties. The annual Rath Yatra in Jagannath Puri adds a different affinity when millions of people participate in it.

Top 10 Places to Visit Puri

If talking about the top 10 tourist places to visit Puri, you will get various spots to explore around. Let’s see some of the most popular spots in Puri.

1- Jagannath Temple:-

Jagannath Temple is one of the most eminent temples not only in the state of Odisha but in India also. As the sacred abode of Lord Jagannath, this temple has the glorious architectural splendor where thousands of devotees pour in from worldwide. During your visit to Puri, you must visit its religious, architectural, and historical importance.

2- Markandeshwara Temple: –

Markandeshwara Temple is the 13th-century architecture of Lord Shiva. This architecture attracts huge pilgrimage arrivals from each part of the country. You can also find here the grand statue of Nataraja with 10 arms in front of the temple. Easily make hire taxi services in Puri to visit all around at affordable and best rates.

3- Puri Beach: –

Puri beach is known for its white sands and crystal clear water that makes it most charming. When people visit Jagannath Temple, they visit here for a purification dip. It plays a major role after the Jagannath temple visiting in Puri. This beach is also famous for sand sculptures made by internationally known sand artist Sudarshan Patnaik that makes the glorious views.

4- Swargadwar Beach: –

Swargadwar (Gateway to Heaven) Beach is popular as the holy place that is away from modern culture. It makes attraction with the help of its secluded and tranquil nature. The devotees come here to take the holy dip in the sea during the visit to Jagannath temple.

5- Balghai Beach: –

Along with the coast of the Bay of Bengal at Puri – Konark Marine Drive Road, Balghai Beach offers a magnificent view of Sunrise and Sunset. Its beach amidst dazzling golden hues makes the moments that create an unforgettable experience. Boat Riding, Parasailing, and Water Skiing are easily available here for the tourists arriving.

6- Chilika Lake: –

Chilka Lake is home to the phenomenal variety of migratory birds that make a huge charm for visitors. This lake offers gorgeous islands like Nalabana, Somolo, and Honeymoon with the natural charm. With the natural views, you can also take the chance to visit Satpada Island where Dolphins are spotted.

7- Sudarshan Craft Museum: –

Sudarshan Craft Museum may be the best place for art lovers where you will find a small Buddhist temple and craft center with a few artists who are creating statues for sale. You can visit here to spend the time for an hour or more and see lots of hand-made statues designed with amazing crafts.

8- Beleswar Beach: –

Baleshwar Beach also known as Chandipur Beach is one of the best scenic beaches in Odisha. This beach may be a good spot for planning a picnic whether with friends or family. For immense pleasure during your trip, you can make a tour for more than an hour. Make hire a car rental in Puri to explore here and another nearby top 10 tourist places to visit Puri.

9- Narendra Tank: –

Narendra Tank is the 15th-century spot with 16 Ghats where one can take bath. Around the tank, you will find the small temples that increasing the beauty of this glorious place. Also, it has the owner to celebrate the Chandana Yatra of Lord Jagannath annually. This Yatra is also known as the Chandana Pushkarini.

10- Gundicha Temple: –

The Gundicha Temple is the garden home of Lord Jagannath that adding another charm to the city. Just at the distance of 3 KM from Jagannath Temple, you can enjoy here the natural beauty with the gardens encompassed by all four sides. During the Rath Yatra Festival, it creates a glorious charm for the city.

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