Top 5 Destinations for Adventure Fly Fishing

Top 5 Destinations for Adventure Fly Fishing

Are you enthusiastic about fly fishing? The U.S has some of the best fishing locations in the whole world. They offer great and exceptional spots for fly fishing professionals and anglers to try their skills. Depending on the fly fisher’s skills, you may find that some require a higher skill set than others. Besides the fishing experience, you also get a shot at breathtaking sceneries and calm waters all over the country. Let’s explore these adventure fly fishing destinations. 

1. Turkey River

The Turkey River is a beautiful fly fishing destination in Iowa. The river flows through the Big Strings Trout Hatchery and is ideal for all fly fishers regardless of the experience. Besides fly fishing, you also get many camping sites where you can spend a few days during your expedition. One unique thing about Turkey River fly fishing is that there is no catch-and-release order for the caught fish. Even better, there is no limit to the length of trout that you can fly fish. 

2. Salt River

Located in Arizona (just a few miles from Phoenix), the Salt River boasts beautiful blue waters and a serene ambience for fly fishing. Most people prefer to visit the site during winter as the river enjoys a high volume of water. While on the site, you will find particular areas with high trout populations, such as Phon D. Sutton, Cool Bluff, and the Water Recreational Area for users. 

3. The Saco River

The Saco River is located in New Hampshire and freely flows from Saco Lake. The sparkling clear waters allow you to see the trouts swimming beneath. You will find rainbow trout, brown trout, and brookie trout in this river. With the low water levels, you can even see the brown trout just 20 inches from the water surface. 

4. Spearfish Creek

Located in South Dakota, Spearfish Creek boasts of a generous population of rainbow trout. The creek sits at the feet of the Black Hills and has different levels to fly fishing. Some levels challenge your fishing skills, while others offer you a more convenient experience. Considering it is a creek, fly fishers will need to wade a lot hence the need for a great pair of boots.

5. Rush River

The Rush River is located in Wisconsin and is an ideal destination for enthusiastic fly fishers. Most of the fish you find here are the brown trout and the brook trout. While the river doesn’t have lots of fish, you will be thankful for the enormous fish sizes. It has the biggest fishes and is a favourite destination for most people. The best spots will be between Martell and Baldwin. 


There are so many great fly fishing destinations that you can visit together with your friends and family. While our list has only covered the top five destinations, you should also strive to visit and fish in as many as you can. Even better, most of these destinations are accessible by car, and you can also liaise with fly fishing expedition companies to help you plan that perfect experience. As you embark on the expedition, ensure that you have the correct fly fishing gear and equipment. Don’t forget your camera to capture the bountiful moments while in the waters.

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