Top-5 Long-Ride Tips Any True Biker Needs to Follow

Top-5 Long-Ride Tips Any True Biker Needs to Follow

Very few life experiences can be as exhilarating and transformative as a weeks-long motorcycle ride through various parts of the country. The moment you hop on that mighty roaring steel beast of yours, you stop caring for anything but miles of the road ahead and the wind that blows in your face.

Before setting off on your very first long-distance motorcycle ride, there are preparations to be done. You can navigate online resources like to find out which wear and gear are best for such an occasion, whereas we are about to discuss some insider tips that will make your future adventure a tremendous success.

5 Exciting Ideas to Enhance the Way You Travel

To make your trip something you will remember fondly for years, you have to prepare and learn some of the biker’s best tips that will help you on the road. We believe that the following pointers will come in particularly handy:

#1 Start and finish early

If you do not have much experience of riding in the dark, it is best to hit the road somewhere around 8 a.m. and stop for the night by dusk. This way, you can capture the morning beauty of the awakening nature and stay clear of the ever-present street hazards lurking in the dimming light.

#2 Prepare to brave the weather

The chances of you getting cold, hot, or wet some time during your long-distance motorcycle trip are high. Opt for brightly visible, close fit clothes that are vented and waterproof, grab a pair of comfortable ankle-length boots, and do not forget gloves, hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen.

#3 Take advantage of a paper road map

If you want to feel the adventurous spirit, consider ditching your mounted GPS and smartphone navigation in favor of the good old paper-based maps. Like that, you can have a bigger road picture and make sure you are not missing anything worth seeing while riding.

#4 Invest in technology

Bluetooth-equipped helmets are awesome. They not only keep you protected, ensuring utmost comfort and excellent visibility, but also come with multiple value-adding features, such as noise reduction, rider-to-rider intercom system, the ability to receive calls, play music, get road instructions, etc.

#5 Eat and drink smart

Put snacks and a water bottle in your side pack where you can easily reach them any time. The rest of the essentials can go into the saddlebags, as you do not need those until you are off the road. Be smart about how you drink and do not wait to get thirsty to have a sip.

Transform Your Good Trip into a Grand One

There are more tips where these came from, and it will take you time to learn them all. However, following the above recommendations is a good start that will help you make your ride so much more comfortable.

What are your touring insights and tips? You are welcome to share those in the comments below!

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