Top 5 secrets of spending quality time in Jakarta

Jakarta is the most prominent city in southeast Asia and it is well known for its nightlife, food and shopping centers. In this article I will disclose the secrets of spending quality time in this populous yet pleasant city. If you have already been to Jakarta you are definitely aware about its time consuming traffic. You should strategically plan your trip in order to make the most out of your stay in Jakarta. Rather than getting yourself caught in traffic jams and spending hours waiting, choose a hotel which is near to major highlights of the city. This way you will not only save your time but also enjoy your trip. Below is the checklist of 5 must do things when you are in Jakarta.

Have fun in Ancol dreamland

When in Jakarta, you should visit Ancol dreamland which is a huge amusement park perfect for friends, families as well as kids. It is situated on Jakarta’s waterfront and attracts tourists round the year. Below are few important details. Single day is not sufficient to explore this amazing amusement park and I suggest you to visit here twice or even thrice in your stay at Jakarta.

Stay in Grand Hyatt Jakarta

After a day full of amusements, fun and traffics there is no better place to stay than hotel Grand Hyatt Jakarta. It is a five star luxury hotel and is located near to major attractions of the city. The hotel provides high quality services and is known for its hospitality, food and location. See grand hyatt jakarta best rate and confirm your booking, if you want to make your stay in Jakarta a memorable one.

See paintings and sculptures in Indonesia national gallery

Located in central Jakarta, Indonesia national gallery is home of marvelous paintings and sculptures by famous Indonesian and foreign artists. Art lovers can spend quality time here by looking at creativity and uniqueness of thousands of paintings displayed in the museum.

Eat at Jakarta Chinatown

Jakarta Chinatown or more commonly known as Glodok is the only place in Jakarta where you may taste authentic Chinese food. You may also shop for Chinese herbs and electronics. Taking a nostalgic walk here and adoring the beauty of  archaic Chinese temple is one of the best experience you can have in Glodok.

Spend a day in Taman Mini Indonesia Park

Taman mini Indonesia park has multiple pavilions, where each pavilion represent culture and tradition of each island. It is a must visit place for families with kids. Mini buses are available to explore this park, but I suggest you to take a walk through this park to make the most out of the day with your family. The main highlights of this park are man-made lake that depicts the Indonesian archipelago, a beautiful flower garden, IMAX cinema, a bird park, an amazing Chinese temple etc. Kids will definitely love this place for its castle, puppet shows and various traditional games.

Jakarta has lot to offer to its visitors and the above mentioned places will make your stay in Jakarta a memorable experience of a lifetime. Protection Status

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