Top Destinations for a Perfect Honeymoon in the Caribbean

Jade Mountain St. Lucia

Who does not love a honeymoon where you wake up to a lush landscape, swimming in an infinity pool, or by the azure beach with their life partner?

The iconic Jade Mountain St. Lucia resort is at the apex of the most sought-after spots in the Caribbean, and for a great reason—it features relaxing scenery, an unparalleled level of service, and a level of serenity you wouldn’t find anywhere in the world.

Each room (or sanctuary, as the resort calls it) is developed with three walls, offering floor-to-ceiling breathtaking views of the iconic Piton mountains and the ocean beneath its feet, and it comes with an infinity pool for you and your lovely partner to enjoy all by yourselves.

Revel not only in nature’s wonders but also in a myriad of fun accommodations such as an outdoor pool, fitness studio, tennis court, and more. Best believe you’ll find it hard to leave this paradise: everything that you want—from multi-course dining experiences to relaxing couple massages, everything can be fulfilled in the comfort of your sanctuary.

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