Top Five Must-Eat Local Dishes in Guam

Discover Guam’s Traditional Cuisine

Guam is undoubtedly one of the most favorite tropical destinations on the buckets list of travelers throughout the world. Situated at the heart of the island of Micronesia, Guam is known to be dripping with the Chamorro culture. When it comes to the authentic foods of Guam, the list is quite long.

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Guam’s wide range of local dishes makes the visitors stand confused while choosing what to eat. Therefore, it is going to be very difficult to savor the tastes of each of them on your tongue.

Local Dishes in Guam photo via Guam Visitors Bureau

To ease out the situation for you, here is a guide to the five must-eat local dishes in Guam. Make sure you don’t miss any of them while traveling through this beautiful city of Guam.

Red Rice

Red Rice Guam by Roderick Eime via Flickr CC

In Guam, rice is the star on the stage of food at every gathering or party. Red rice has some similarities with the Spanish rice as it was first introduced to the Chamorro culture by the Spanish people. The main ingredient in red rice, Achote seeds, come all the way from Mexico to Guam. The seeds are soaked in water and the rice are cooked.

The final color of the rice becomes beautiful and bright red and orange. Therefore, this local food becomes a major attraction on the culinary side of Guam. Don’t forget to miss this amazing must-eat local dish in Guam that bursts with flavors of onion and garlic.

Chamorro Barbeque

Chamorro Barbeque by @geishabot via Flickr CC

Almost all the nonvegetarians possess undying love for barbeque. But you are still to treat yourself with the best barbeque in the world if you haven’t tried it in Guam. What makes it more special and the best ever is the cooking process. The local barbequing process starts a day before in Guam.

The meat is given an ample amount of time to get soaked in the flavors of soya sauce, black pepper, vinegar, salt, onions, and garlic. The grilling process is done using the woods of tangan-tangan that makes it entirely different from the rest of the world.


Chicken Kelaguen by Yvonne S via Flickr CC

Kelaguen is the signature dish of Guam and the Chamorro people are best known for their skills of cooking Kelaguen. A mouth-watering combination of onions, lemon juice, local hot peppers, and salt is used to kelaguen the meat or seafood.

Most popularly, chicken is used to kelaguen and tastes extremely incredible when grilled beforehand. Octopus is one of the special and most delicious kelaguen varieties served in Guam.

The fusion of flavors of lemon juice and local peppers produces a spark of taste in your mouth and you can’t help stuffing your mouth with more of it.

Kadon Pika

Kadon Pika photo by ROOF416 via Facebook

Kadon Pika is a Chamorro word which means spicy stew. Chicken is often the hero of the dish which is marinated in a mixture of soya sauce, vinegar, salt, pepper, onion, and garlic.

It is then cooked with coconut milk and ladled upon by red rice. Dig into this juicy combination of chicken and rice and enjoy one of the best local dishes of Guam.

Coconut Candy

Coconut Candy photo via Gourmet Guam

Coconut Candy is a perfectly sweet combination of sugar and grated coconut. Served in the shapes of balls or rectangles, it makes for an ideal dessert.

You don’t need to feel guilty about eating a lot of it as coconut candy comes in little cute pieces that not only pleases your taste buds but also impresses your eyes.

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