Top Five things to do in Rishikesh, a spiritual tour

Rishikesh is a beautiful spiritual town situated on the bank of holy river Ganges in the Indian state of Uttarakhand. It attracts tourists all round the year due to its beautiful weather, religious spots, Sightseeing, Yoga, adventure activities etc. People visit here for many reason, one such reason is spiritual elevation and peace of mind. Being on the foothills of Himalayas, it provides a majestic view. In order to reach this holy land, you can board bus, train or flight to the city of Dehradun and from there you can easily access this place, by local cab or shared taxis. If you are planning to visit Rishikesh in near future, then this post will help, to let you know in advance about the top 5 things to do in Rishikesh.

Take a Spiritual tour

Rishikesh is primarily visited for getting spiritual elevation. Being the Yoga capital of the world, this place has many Yoga and meditation center. Your main focus, upon visiting Rishikesh, should be about spiritual experience. You may also visit Ayurveda centers, where you may experience ancient healing techniques. Rishikesh is also the beginning of Chota char dham, so don’t expect alcohol or meat here.

Take a dip in Triveni Ghat

Triveni ghat holds significance in Hindu mythology. It is the place where three holy rivers Ganga, Yumuna and Saraswati confluence. Thousands of devotees take holy dip here in morning and evening. It is believed that taking dip in this holy water will wash away all your sins and help you to attain salvation. You must experience the serenity of taking dip in Triveni ghat.

Do temple Visit

When you are in Rishikesh, you should pay your visit beautiful temples. some of the popular temples found here are Neelkanth Mahadev temple on hill top, Tryambakeswar temple on the bank or Ganga, Bharat Mandir etc.

Do some adventure

Rishikesh is also known as adventure capital of India. The place is famous for its white river rafting, Bungee jumping, Treking, Rock climbing and many other adventure activities. All these adventures are done with proper supervision and under right guidance. when you are in Rishikesh, you should try one of these adventure activities, which will fill you up with excitement and enthusiasm.

Buy gifts for friends and family back home

Like other places of tourist’s interest, Rishikesh also have many shops, where you may buy unique and exclusive items for yourself and your family. Handicraft items, paintings, statues, gift accessories etc are found in abundance. You may also buy beautiful ladies or gents garments, jewelry or religious items over here to cherish your beautiful Rishikesh memories.

Rishikesh is an important tourist destination in North India and it has everything, one can ask for, from spiritual to adventure, from serenity of hills & valley to tranquil sight of river Ganga. When you are in Rishikesh, you will find things, that will take you to different world and fill your mind with tranquility and peace. Have you been to Rishikesh before? Share your experience in comments. Protection Status

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