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The shopping experience in Pushkar can be quite interesting and wonderful as there are some amazing and glittering places to shop. Once you visit these markets, You won’t be able to resist going on a shopping spree as you will find many local and Rajasthani products such as jewellery, ethnic items, bags and many more products. 

Listed below are some of the best places to shop in Pushkar that you must visit during your vacation for a vibrant experience. 

  1. Pushkar Fair – Pushkar Fair is a huge event organized yearly with interesting activities, display of Rajasthani culture and of course, shopping. This fair is a really nice opportunity to buy traditional items such as leather items, colourful attires, jewellery, small souvenirs etc. If you are a first time visitor or have been to Pushkar Fair, you are sure to have a great shopping experience. So, Shop around, enjoy good music and dance and relish some yummy dishes. 
  1. Sadar Bazaar – One of the top markets of Pushkar, Sadar Bazar is located near Pushkar Lake. It is a huge market with small shops on both sides selling clothes, leather pieces, jewellery and whatnot! You should buy jewellery from this market because the quality is nice so it’s a good value for money. 
  1. Sarafa Bazar – A colourful market with a lively atmosphere will surely attract you to do a lot of shopping. If you are a girl and a shopaholic as well, this place should be on your list for sure because it is a cloth market where one can find ethnic dresses, cloth materials, leather products and more. You can find both affordable and high-quality products in this marketplace. So, if you are in Pushkar, do come here to buy some beautiful gifts for your friends and family members. 
  1. Kedalganj Bazar – If you are looking for a place with handicraft items, stunning and unique home decor items, pottery, statues etc, Kadal Ganj Market will fulfil all your requirements. And that’s why it is one of the most visited markets of Pushkar. 

Best Things to Shop from Pushkar:-

  1. Handicraft Items – Handicraft items are a speciality of Rajasthan. So, Pushkar is also a great place to shop for Handicraft products made from stone, wood, ivory. In Sadar Bazar, few shops sell paintings, pottery, incense sticks and other handicraft items. 
  1. Silver Jewelry – From antique articles to modern jewellery, you will find everything in Pushkar. Silver accessories like pendants, earrings, waistbands make great souvenirs to get for someone. If you wish, you can also get customized silver pieces according to your special requirements. Try to buy from branded stores to avoid buying fake products. 
  1. Rose Products – Because Pushkar is home to the rose product industry and dotted with numerous nurseries, Rose products are quite popular among locals and tourists. One can pick various good quality rose products from any shop like rose oil, rose water, perfumes and more things. Rosewater is a must-buy product from Pushkar because it is pure and can be utilized in multiple ways. 
  1. Leather Goods – No doubt, Leather goods in Pushkar are of top quality. You will see Kashmiri style leather products in the markets such as bags, belts, and some other fashion items. 

A little shopping therapy in Pushkar will surely uplift your mood and do use your bargaining skills to get great deals on your purchases. Enjoy Shopping!

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