Top Spots in the USA to Visit at Night

Top Spots in the USA to Visit at Night

By day, America amply demonstrates why it’s one of the world’s best tourist destinations. From NYC’s Statue of Liberty to El Capitan in Yosemite National Park, this nation caters to travellers of all kinds. But what is there to do after the sun has set? 

Plenty, as the USA is a nation in love with life. So, jump on and get your visa sorted. Once you’re done, check out this blog on the best things to do in America after dark. 

Times Square

As polarizing as this place is, there’s no denying it – Times Square is positively stunning at night. Billboards cover the lower floors of the buildings encircling it, producing an electric atmosphere. After arrival, take a good 10-15 minutes to soak it all in, then find the pedestrian plaza.

Trust us on this one. Here, you can watch tourists, locals, and entertainers as they go about their evening. You’ll see a lot of stuff that’ll make you double-take, but funnily enough, most native New Yorkers won’t even notice or care.

Las Vegas Strip

Las Vegas markets itself as the Entertainment Capital of the World. So, when the sun sets on this desert city, the place truly comes alive. Spots like Fremont Street are worth checking out, but if you’re looking for action, The Strip is where it’s at.

Along this stretch, you’ll find the best gaming, dining, and nightlife in Vegas. But simply walking along this boulevard is an experience. Casinos and resorts, decked out in brilliant lights, will dazzle your sense along the entire length. Workers hand out nightclub promotions, as well as ads for slightly more lurid services. And best of all, you can pop into a bar for a drink to go, as outdoors consumption is legal.

626 Night Market

For the most part, night markets are an Asian phenomenon. However, America is a nation of immigrants, so it too has night markets of note. When planning your California travels, try to attend the 626 Night Market.

Located in Santa Anita Park (13 miles NE of Downtown Los Angeles), its organizers have patterned it after traditional Taiwanese night markets. Here, the multicultural nature of Southern California is on full display. From pho to meat skewers to stinky tofu, the food options are wonderfully bewildering.

After you’ve eaten your fill, shop for gifts to bring home to family & friends, then check out the musical guests. The 626 Night Market runs approximately ten times from May to September – check their website for details.

Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge

Exotic beach destinations like Thailand are infamous for it. But did you know you can experience the miracle of bioluminescence right here in America? You can along Florida’s Space Coast – by taking a night paddle trip with local outfitters, you can encounter this ethereal blue glow.

As you encounter this unreal phenomenon, guides will explain everything that you are seeing. But even if you’re not big on science-y explanations, this excursion is a fantastic way to spend an evening.

Experience the Best of America After Dark

Americans are always down for a good time. As avowed pursuers of happiness, there’s plenty to do in the USA after dark. Wherever you are in America, ask a local, and we’re confident they’ll point you towards something exciting.  

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